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Advice needed


I had numerous blood test done

Am very low iron,b12 + vitamin d

I am diabetic, under active thyroid + recently diagnosed with low cortisol am on 20 mg hydrocortisone

I have been going to doctor for past 7months complaining of balance + walking as if I’m drunk

I fell + injured my side -have been bk to doctor twice + said I thought my balance etc was due to deficiencies + keep being told to wait + see what endo recommends

Dr did comment on thyroid bloods

Free t3. 4.0. 2.5-6.5

Free thyroxine 23.0. 8-21

Tsh 0.35. 0.4-4.5

I know I need to have full thyroid bloods but I think being deficient in vitamins isn’t helping how do I get doctors to listen

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Hi, what medication are you taking at the moment?

Hi grey,am on 125 thyroxine insulin + 20 mg hydrocortisone am not Hashimoto just under active

Type 1 or 2 diabetes?

Check out Ataxia - Gluten Ataxia - Hashimotos Ataxia or B12 Ataxia. I try to treat all 3 !

So you need your Thyroid Anti-bodies testing - TPO & Tg to rule out Hashimotos. B12 - Folate - Ferritin and VitD also need testing. If you have Hashimotos then trying to be Gluten Free is helpful.

Private Testing available through Thyroid UK - go to About Testing - in the link below ....

Thanks for getting back.have just come from endo app-feels like waste time,

Am on insulin thyroxine 125 mg + 20 mg of hydrocortisone

Asked about itamins + iron bcos there low + endo wants mri scan of pituitary gland am at loss

No am not Hashimoto just underactive

You are a poor converter. I would say you need T3.

No endo wouldn’t entertain any info I took with me ,wouldn’t let me finish half of what I’d written in notes she said my thyroid results were fine + wants mri for pituitary

Told to come bk in 3 months

Am taking sublingual b12 1200 ug

Taken it for nr 2 wks

Started iron 14mg+ vitamin c 60 mg

Have also got bit d to start in wk time 2x10ug

Shall I take anything extra ? As I can’t take how I feel ,I’ve had this dizziness for 8mths ,I’m convinced it all started went they reduced my thyroxine by 1/3


Your likely correct.

There is obsessive drive to reduce people's dose of Levothyroxine, often with disastrous results

Your FT3 is too low, but low vitamins will need improving

What's your vitamin D levels?

Do you have type one or type two diabetes

For full Thyroid evaluation you need TSH, FT4, TT4, FT3 plus TPO and TG thyroid antibodies.

Plus very important to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Private tests are available. Thousands on here forced to do this as NHS often refuses to test FT3 or antibodies

Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting.

If on Levothyroxine, don't take in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

If antibodies are high this is Hashimoto's, (also known by medics here in UK more commonly as autoimmune thyroid disease).

About 90% of all hypothyroidism in Uk is due to Hashimoto's. Low vitamins are especially common with Hashimoto's. Food intolerances too, especially gluten. So it's important to get tested.

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