Petition that might help re: recent issues with NHS not prescribing T3

Hi All,

I came across this petition and I think this might be the case for T3 as well - please could you read, sign and share so drug companies can't do this to the NHS. This loophole needs to be closed so people can get the medication they need!



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  • Hi there

    If you've been refused a prescription for T3 Lorriane Cleaver is gathering evidence for her petition in the Scottish parliament. I think evidence from the whole UK is welcomed but especially anything from Scotland.

    This is a great chance to highlight the poor way that the NHS deals with hypo patients and possibly to change things in the North which could then be used to lobby Westminster

  • Signed and shared this earlier, when someone else posted it. :)

  • Cool! I didn't see that post but the more people post it on social media, the better! Let's get lots of signatures! What TupennyRush posted is great too!! We can't let them do this to us!

  • Totally agree!

  • Signed & posted!

  • The petition has reached 100,000 and has to be considered for debate in Parliament.

  • Signed and thankyou :)

  • Signed and shared

  • Hi all ... I started to get ill back in 2009 and went through all the rubbish the doctors gave me and the hospital specialist ... Specialist that's a joke .. Any way in the end I went private ..As I put on 3 stone . Ankles that resembled elephants feet that I could not put full weight on first thing in the morning for at least 15 mins until I got use to the pain . The muscles in the upper parts of my arm just reduced me to tears with the pain every time I needed to tie up my hair or put my coat on ..My sons and partner went through hell trying to help me ... I was told I had Asthma because even walking up a slight rise in the foot path made me gasp for breath ... And all I seemed to be doing is sucking the life out of the Inhaler well as much as my lungs would allow me to ... The doctors said I had fibromyalgia and gave me enough pain killers to treat me for life in the hope I would never go back to see him ... My partner was at his wits end as it was only a year into our relationship ... So all he knew was he got this fit size 10 girlfriend that turned into the crazed overweight size 16 /18 Nutcase over night nearly in short I was convinced I was slowly dying and became so depressed and on the verge of suicide although I never admitted that until recently ... So In 2010 we booked to see My total life savor The fantastic Dr Downing ... I think I must of been one of the first few to have the DIO2 test done... As I could not find any info on it at all ... Any way it came back that I had 2 faulty genes one from my mum and one from my dad ( Thanks mum and dad )... He wrote a letter to my doctor describing my results and that in his opinion I would benefit from an addition of t3 ... That started in Dec 2010 ...I started on a dose of 20 mcg split every six hours plus 50 mcg t4 one a day ... That was then ... 6 years later I am now on 80mcg a day so 20 mcg every 6 hours and 100 mcg that I take at night with my last t3 dose....I have lost my weight and I'm not in pain ... And I don't have Asthma never did really .... And I get them prescribed on the NHS ... At this stage I would like to point out that I am the youngest of 6 And I'm 51 now and no other member of my brothers or sisters have This awful Hasimotos or faulty genes ... Sorry it's long winded but I just wanted all to know that there is hope out there trust me I know

  • Kimberley33 I'm so glad you're better!!! Thank you for sharing your story! Please could you PM me dr Downing's details? Thank you so much! Xx

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