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Feeling bad on Thiroyd


Im taking NDT Thai Thiroyd ca. 4 months and still feeling bad. I had OP 10 years back and my thyroid was removed, 10 years were taking Levo T4 and symptoms were getting just worst.

Now I dont really understand if Im hypo or hyper with my NDT dose, should I lower or add.

Im taking temperature, but also not really sure there. Not sure what temp should be.

So, now Im taking 2.75 Grains, previously I took 200 Levo.

Last blood test on 3 Grains were, which is not really hyper, but my temp is quite high as I understand and with 3 Grains I felt me as in hyper:

TSH 0.076

FT3 43.33%

FT4 -9.82%


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