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Advice on results please

Hiya. So I presented to gp last week feeling awful. I have a hiatus hernia & IBS. I take ranitidine for hernia. Im gluten free due to ibs. Not coceliac. My hair in past 5 months has been falling out and my heels have deep cracks. Perm brain fog. I'm 6 years post natal. Blood work ordered.

T4 14

Tsh 2.6

All other tests "normal". Told above in norm range. Previous tsh was 5.4.

Feeling totally rubbish and fed up. My feet kill from splits and aching arches.

Know my doc isn't going to help. Feel stuck. Just feel my hormones totally out of kilter. Can't lose weight.

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Ranitidene is a PPI isnt it ? This along with what is bound to be Hashimotos will trash your vitamin levels ....

If your also gluten intolerant or coeliac that causes IBS

What other diseases are there in other famiky members even grandparents ,aunts uncles

If your TSH has been 5.4 and is now 2.6 its simply due to fluctuations of Hashimotos

You need

Thyroid antibodies





Vitd3 all tested

Test must be very early morning

Fasting drink only water

And when actually on thyroid meds never take them in the 24 hours before a test


Ranitidine is an H2 histamine receptor antagonist - not a PPI.


Ok ...so will that also affect absorption of vital nutrients ?


Although ranitidine is not a PPI it will stop you absorbing vitamins and minerals by reducing stomach acid (which is what it is for) I believe that there are alternative treatments for hiatus hernia which involve creating a raft of "stuff" that floats on top of the stomach contents and prevents it from exiting at the top end where your hernia is. Bit no doubt not available from the NHS.


Thanks for adding that, Angel, I meant to get back to add to my rather short response earlier...


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