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WP Thyroid

I’ve been told for the last 6 months that my UK pharmacy can’t get my WP Thyroid (usually x2 grain) because of a supply issue - I believe Westthroid had a dispute with a supplier for one of the natural fillers they use. Luckily I had a stock but I’m starting to run out - I’ve been trying a different brand which doesn’t suit (I’m aggressively sensitive to fillers).

Is anyone still able to get their WP Thyroid? And if so could you possibly tell me where you’re getting your prescription fulfilled from?

I’m hoping to do ivf/get pregnant shortly so this is a bad time to mess up my thyroid levels.

Thank you!


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I do not know anything about a dispute regarding a "filler" (excipient) - that is a new one on me. But they have switched from their former supplier of active ingredient - Thyroid USP powder.

The manufacturer's site has a page about availability:



I had the pharmacist telling me a rough explanation so it’s very likely Chinese Whispers and I got the wrong understanding. Thanks so much for this. Really appreciate it.

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Helvella, I thought there was only one supplier left now, and that they hold the monopoly in most of the world except China? I hope RLC labs is NOT getting the thyroid powder from China.


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