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Tsh level fast increase

Hi to all i was hoping someone on here would be able to advise me about my last results ...its only the tsh level i have at present as that's all i generally get out of the docs receptionist when giving blood test results ...for all other details i will have to see the doc of course (more delay to get meds right) well 6 weeks ago my tsh was at 4.2 with our GP surgery using the reference range of 0.5 to 4.5 being classed as Normal...i had to push to speak to the doc as i had suddenly put a good 10lb on even with watching what i eat? I would say that over the past 2 years i had managed to lose 3½ stone so felt good about that ...but then it slowed stopped and i started gaining! Felt like why should i bother trying to diet if even that not working. I have very restricted mobility due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome so use crutches n a wheelchair for distance and have an adapted car etc. Ok back 6 weeks ago at 4.2 the doc agreed to increase levothyroxine from an average of 62.5daily to 75mg a day (i had been taking 50mg one day and 75mg the next). So today i get the result tsh is now 10.2! What the heck i knew something had changed with weight, sleeping pattern and always feeling cold but didn't expect it to have increased that much and so fast too ...the doc receptionist couldn't offer me a doc appointment for 3 weeks so have to just keep ringing every day and hoping to squeeze in sooner..any thoughts from other folk going through this ?

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Drop a note into the surgery for GP stating your TSH has risen to 10.2 and you feel awful. Can you please have an increase to 100mcg of levo and can a prescription be left at the Reception for you to collect.

He can phone you if he wants to :)


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