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Can anyone help with blood results

Hi. I had 2nd thyroid surgery 7 weeks ago.(1st thyroidectomy was 10yrs ago and it grew back) I seen my surgeon week 3. The last few weeks ive been feeling 'not right' couldnt pin point what. Went to gp got thyroid levels checked. Which are

Serum free t4 level lo 10.3pmol/l (12.0-22.0u)

Serum tsh level hi 72.12 mu/l (0.27-4.20)

I was on 75mcg. But gp doubled the dose today. The hi level is a little bit worrying as its so out of range.

I see surgeon next week and was hanging on to see him but felt so bad!

Can anyone help?

Thank you Sarah

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Mrs Bargirl

You are very hypothyroid but that is a big increase in one step. Normally dose changes are in increments of 25mcg. Things move slowly with hormones, you can't rush it despite feeling awful. If you don't feel well on 150mcg, maybe you will get palpitations, maybe symptoms like being "overactive", then I would reduce your dose and build up slowly. In your circumstances it might have been better if your GP had contacted your surgeon for guidance.


Hi thanks for your reply. I thought myself that was a big jump. Maybe i will be ok til friday on the high dose. X


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