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Adrenavive, metavive and 20/1


I was lucky enough to have a consultation with Dr Peatfield last week.

He suggested, given my history, that I was likeley born with a thryoid issue that's gone undetected for 46yrs. He suggested that the many miscarriages and other pregnancy complications was the result of this.

After an operation went horribly wrong, thrusting me into a menopausal state after my miracle baby, I've spent the last 12yrs battling fatigue, hormone imbalance (which dr's deny despite the clear genova diagnostics test explaining about my crashing oestradiol levels) panic attacks (which have trailed off), anxiety (which has not trailed off), osteopenia, SVT's (sudden ventricula tacycardia), headaches/migraine, heavy cycle...i could go on...

I realise that I didn't really help myself by going vegan. Food is a psychological thing, so as a highly sensitive person, I went vegan for 6yrs. Much to the horror and disgust of other vegans, I am no longer vegan or even vegetarian because I had to weigh up if it was more important to save another animal or to care for my own body and existence. My D3 levels were on the floor 30nmol, calcium, iron and magnesium, despite eating a full and varied diet. I just want to point out that over coming the horror images that those poor creatures go through was so tough. I still feel guilty with every bite, but I have a family that needs me too.

I started to feel a little better when I started to eat a 'regular' diet, but still hugely sensitive to the cold, brain fog, anxiety, heart palps, sometimes svt (sudden ventricular tacycardia- very scary but I know how to stop it now), teary, upset stomach...again, I could go on.

I cried when Dr P confirmed my hormone issues and added that my adrenals were likely in trouble too. Just to be heard, acknowledged and to have it confirmed that I'm not going mad.

Temps low as 35°C, and 55bpm.

I've had lots of blood tests but they never tell me the actual values (other than the vit d3), they always just say 'normal'.

I've had so many tests for this that and the other and all come back 'normal', or 'Nothing Abnormal Detected'.

And yes, the confrontation with my dr and in fact, dr's in general has been heated out of frustration and disregard.

Dr P advised Adrenavive ii to start with for 14 days, Metavive i after 14 days and obce thise were comfortable, wellsprings 20/1 cream.

Like so many others on here, I have a very sensitive constitution. The slightest 'overdose' and my body goes crazy, I can't function and the anxiety and oanics go through the roof. So, understandibly, i am a little concerned about trying all these new things. However, I did try 20/1 previously which just made me a) pile on weight and b) made me angry. I accept that it may be be ause it wasn't being absorbed properly due to thyroid issue and may even have been too low a dose.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced taking all three together, and what are your results?

Again, I know we're all different and your result may be different to how mine play out. However, any tips on how you dealt with changes would be great.

Thanks in advance

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I have just returned from the doctors with some test results from the last blood test I had done. If anyone can decode them for me? That would be ace! Thank you in advance.

(I've ordered the three tests Dr Peatfield advised just to double check, they are on their way).


Serum 25-HO vit D3 level 57nmol/L (This was previously 30nmol/L but had been taking vit D3 supplement before these were taken).

Serum Ferritin 14 ug/L (13 - 150)

Serum TSH level 1.8mu/L (0.27-4.20)

Serum Calcium 2.38 mmol/L (2.15 - 2.55)

Serum Albumin 45 g/L (35-50)

Serum adjusted calcium conc 2.3 mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

*Serum Creatinine 82 umol/L (44 - 80)

GFR Calculated Abbreviatd MDRD 66mL/min >60

Serum C reactive protein level 1mg/L <5

Renal Profile

eGFR units - mL/min/1.73m2

Serum Sodium 144mmol/L (133-146)

Serum Potassium 4.3 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.3)

Liver Function

Serum total bilirubin level 7umol/L <21

Total alkaline phospahtase 62 u/L (30-130)

Serum ALT level 13 u/L <33

Serum Magnesium level 0.9 mmol/L (0.7 - 1.0)

Serum cholesterol 4.9 mmol/L

Serum HDL cholesterol level 1.6 mmol/L

Se non HDL cholesterol level 3.3 mmol/L

Serum cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.1

HbAlc level - IFCC standardised 36mmol/mol (21-41)

B12/Folate level

Serum Vit B12 313pg/mL (180 - 914)

Serum Folate 18.9 ng/mL (3.1 - 20.0)

Then there are further notes from an earlier date (23/10/17) stating that some of the samples can't be shared and to repeat them.

They were:

Vit D, Renal profile, CRP, ferritin, Liver function, magnesium, lipid profile and TSH.

These were not repeated and this is the first I read that repeats were requested by the lab.

I was just told everything was 'normal'.

If anyone can enlighten me further, that would be great.



I would suggest you copy and paste your results and ranges onto a new post as these might be missed.


I am glad that Dr P is back to consulting as he has been pretty unwell himself for the last year or two and I'm sure what he has suggested will put you on the right track.

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Yes I have taken thyroid hormones, adrenal glandular support and oestrogen cream together that was prescribed by a private medical doctor and it was a cocktail horror for me, the most awful side effects e.g. racing heart, palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, dizziness, tremors and body jerking and then a massive energy crash by this time the paramedics were called out. So sorry to give this negative feedback but we're all biochemically different and we all respond in different ways. So you maybe ok but just don't want you to feel alone if you do suffer any side effects. Just go careful with how you proceed. Hormones are very powerful things.

My body too is extremely sensitive. When I suffered so badly with the side effects of these hormones, my NHS GP ordered I stop them and I had to abruptly come off this cocktail and then suffer the hell of withdrawl.

However, since then I've found out that quite possibly my root cause to my hormone issues are toxic metals, mainly Lead and Mercury have shown up in tests. I too have had hormone issues as far back as my earliest memory. So don't fret. If this new prescription of hormones Dr P has recommended for you doesn't work, it maybe that there are other avenues to address that help re-balance your system again. I'm still in this process and hope by treating the root cause I'll regain my health again.

Good luck. x


Thanks for the feedback. Can't I ask you where you live to get such a build up of heavy metals in your body?

And was your hormone treatment advised by Dr Peatfield and sourced yourself or prescribed by a doctor/gp?



The toxic metals issue may have started as early as in utero. So far I think I can trace the mercury to: my mother, she had a mouthful of amalgams when she was pregnant with me and her toxicity issue with these could've been passed onto me in utero. I had some vaccinations through life too (which very likely would've contained thimerosal - a mercury containing organic compound) and a couple of little amalgams in my baby teeth. Fish consumption may have contributed too.

The Lead: I lived in many old houses with old exposed Lead paint and lived in a past house with a Lead mains water pipe to it. I've just had my water tested by my local water board at my present house - this too has Lead in the water. I can't locate where this is coming from but it could be from old solder used in the pipe work. I used to do a lot of jogging and cycling along main roads for many years breathing in all that air when Leaded petrol was in use. Aeroplanes still use Lead in plane fuel, this falls out of the sky into the air we breathe and onto the soil that grows crops and gets into the food chain.

Once you start researching the subject of toxic metals, it's easy to realise we are all exposed to these and my conclusion is many chronic illnesses could very well have toxic metals as their root cause.

My hormone treatment wasn't advised by Dr P, but by another private medical doctor, who also prescribed the hormones for me. Though I sourced them myself in the end (through legal channels), because it worked out cheaper that way.

My conclusion is that the toxic metals are blocking organs and chemical pathways in my body, which could be why I reacted so badly to the prescribed hormones. If the prescribed exogenous hormones couldn't reach their destination and do their job, then the pooling effect caused a domino effect of nasty side effects, by causing further imbalances in my body.


Wow! You really have been through the wringer!

I hope you get it sorted. 🦑


Yeah it's a mega journey. I so wish it'd all been as simple as taking some thyroid pills and getting better! Wishing you all the best on your healing journey, we all deserve to be happy and healthy. x

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Thank you.

I hope you also find good health x


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