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Hi Everyone

Can i be over medicated taking neomercazole. Blood result are below

march 2018

April 4, 2018

Free T4 7.16 (9.01-19.05)

Free T3 1.80 (1.88-3.18)

TSH 3.00 (0.35-4.94)

With these results i was taking 30mg two times per day and was feeling great however the doc change the dosage to 40mg twice per day and these are the results below

May 9, 2018

Free T4 5.41 (9.01-19.05)

Free T3 1.85 (1.88-3.18)

TSH 14.89 (0.35-4.94)

Now i and feeling sick heart started racing again and i feel weird like when i just started on the med. Am i being over medicated. I think i should take a break from the med for a couple of days. Do you think that wise.

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Yes, you are very overmedicated and have been since April - you will see now that your TSH is very high and your free Ts are now even further below range. Your doctor should have reduced your dose not increased it! He / she is an idiot. No wonder you feel terrible. You will be experiencing ‘hypo’ symptoms many of which can feel very similar to some hyper symptoms.

80mcg per day is a huge amount to take and in fact I see that you were on that dose when first diagnosed with a T4 of 46. As your levels come down, so should your dose of anti thyroid drug. Get back to docs a.s.a.p. and point out the error of his / her ways and come away with a reduced daily dose. In my opinion and I ain’t a medic, it will do you no harm to reduce your dose quite drastically until you get to see him / her.

Good luck.


OK she did reduce it to 20 mg once per day


I’m sure some one will read your results soon and give the answers you need. In the mean time don’t just stop your meds. ❤️


Thank you


Gosh, no wonder you feel terrible. I’ve got no medical qualifications but I’d say you have had far too much Neomercazole. Ive got Graves and took 40mcg carbimazole for three months and ended up hypo before my block and replace started. My TSH atthat point was around 7 and I felt bad. Yours is 14 - you must feel dreadful.

Speak to your endobut I think I’d want to find a different endo - one who took better care of me.


Wow thanks for your reply


Were you having regular bloods done? You need to reduce them meds as soon as possible-perhaps 10mgs for the 1st 6 weeks then retest- i went hypo back in december and reduced my meds myself down to a lower dose-my endo wanted me to stay on 5mgs even though i was hypo, looks like your current dose is too high aswell-remember to keep a look out on your levels and read as much as you can about reading your levels😊😊


Thank you for the info


Yes I was having regular blood work done every four wks to be exact

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Hi there Terryberrry1,

Just a word of warning _ I was on Neomercazole for about three years before I swallowed Radio Active Iodine. My GP neglected to tell me that the tablets were like a fertility drug I ended up pregnant twice while I was taking it. I went on holidays for a few days both times and forgot to take my tablets with me. When I arrived home I started back on them and I became pregnant, had a miscarriage at 3 months the next time it was 4 months ..I was so sick I was in and out of hospital both times and they couldn't tell me what was wrong with me. I was then told that Neomerazole acted like a fertility drug. . Just thought I would let you know.


Oh wow OK thanks


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