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Mexico t3 help on holiday

Hi everyone

Im on holiday in mexico and would like to buy some otc T3 at the lowest dose as my ft3 is still not optimal. I will be lowering my t4 dose accordingly.

My question is (pls pm if not allowed on main post) what do I go into the pharmacy in Cancun and ask for? How much can I bring home.. I've heard rumours thats its 3 months supply.

Any help greatly appreciated

Many thanks

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It's called Cynomel Liotironina, but I have no idea how much you can bring home. :)


The amount you can bring back being restricted to three months supply seems to be transferring what is USA policy to the UK.

I have never seen a specific limit. But, and it is an important caveat, if you carry enough to raise the suspicions of a customs official, you could be asking for a problem.

Bear in mind, we see people discussing daily doses of liothyronine from 5 micrograms to about 200 micrograms. How is a customs official going to be able to assess your rate of use to ensure it is only three months supply?

We have also seen it said that liothyronine is NOT an over-the-counter medicine in Mexico. Just because a Mexican pharmacy sells it over the internet without a prescription doesn't mean they can do the same over-the-counter.

I don't remember seeing any Mexican liothyronine other than 25 microgram tablets. (Triyotex is not Mexican, is in 75 microgram capsules, and there are many questions as to its actual potency.)

This is a link to a picture of Grossman Cynomel - the box and the bottle:


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