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Fed up!

I have hashinotos thyroiditis on 50mcg of Levo. See an endocrinologist who is obsessed with me being overweight and despite me telling him how tired I am, awful brain fog etc he tells me to reduce my carbohydrate intake and that I need antidepressants. He never listens to my symptoms so I’m not going to see him again. Saw GP last week and my haemoglobin Is higher than what it should be so said I need to take an aspirin a day as at risk of dvt etc! Anyone else have this? She said this can account for my symptoms too.

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Low dose aspirin is looking like a major addition to have a long life. One guy who has set up a bio testing company says the one thing he recommends anyone once middle aged is to take a daily low aspirin dose.

You need to read about diet changes for Hashimotos to help control the issue. It is not just about taking thyroid meds.

There is a lot of info on the net explaining how you help hashimotos. The only way to get better is to trial stuff/methods out and record what helps or doesn’t and slowly build up a routine which helps you.

Don’t think a doc will help you. The best person go do that is you. It’s a mindset thing. You will become the key doc in all this. You can do it but it takes time, research and experimentation.



I have Hashimoto’s and I saw a private Endocrinologist (diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s). I soon learnt that he was not educated in Hashimoto’s or thyroid and I turned to this forum and another for help.

He tried to fob me off with anti depressants, but, I refused to take them.

I was depressed due to my symptoms: brain fog, anxiety, hair loss, weight unstable, muscle pain, especially my neck, dry skin, absolutely worn out despite sleeping well, freezing cold all the time, like ice cold water running through my veins, and no zest for life.

He also told me to go on holiday!!, said no medication would help me at all, so I was on nothing other than vitamins.

Cut a very long story short, I got very poorly and went to my GP, further bloods showed my TSH was 12.2 and all other thyroid out of range (underactive) so now I’m on Levothyroxine and under my GP, whom seems to know more than my Endocrinologist and looks at the bigger picture.

I started on 50mcg and now I’m on 75mcg with another blood test due in a few weeks for a further increase.

Have you had an increase?

you are suppose to have a blood test every 4-6 weeks and increase your dosage by 25mcg each time until you hit your sweet spot.

It may also be your brand of Levothyroxine, I started on TEVA it made me angry and ratty (lots of people report problems with Teva). I am on a different brand and doing much better, no anger issues.

I took the advice given here, which was go gluten and dairy free.

I went gluten free first and this helped me no end, then went dairy. It is advised to cut carbohydrates low, and try and eat fresh prepared Healthy foods. I have a lot of homemade soups, stir fry’s etc, and keep refined things to a minimum.

You also have to make sure your vitamin levels are good as Levothyroxine will not work if they are low, iron and vitamin D especially. I take selenium 200mcg daily, this helps support your thyroid, as well as iron, vitamin d, c, b12 and magnesium.

Vitamins should be taken 4 hours away from your Levothyroxine. I take my Levothyroxine at 6am in the morning (set my alarm) then I have breakfast at 7.30am, then take my vitamins during the day. Magnesium I take before bed, this helps me sleep.

Have you got any of your blood results including ranges, post them on here, and other will advise.

If not it might be a good idea to have private ones done for your thyroid and vitamin. Medi checks or blue horizon do this.

Lots of people struggle with weight with thyroid as your metabolism is not working correctly. I’m not overweight, but, my weight is so unstable and only had to look at bread and I pile the weight on, I don’t sweat at the gym either.

Finally, if Levothyroxine does not work, lots of people self medicate with NDT. This is the route I will take if Levothyroxine does not work.

Unfortunately, I’ve learnt since having Hashimoto’s the only person that can help you, is yourself, and take control of your own health.

Best Wishes



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