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Fed up!

Hi all I just need some advice please

I have an underactive thyroid and am on 150 mg a day of levo and have been for a few years. I keep waking up with a thick head and feeling heady all day. I have disturbed sleep due to awful night sweats and my Dr thinks I am going through early menopause I am 44. He put me on HRT but that was 2 years ago and I can't see any difference.

My joints ache especially my thumb and I struggle to hold a pen and write for a long time.

When I go on walks or if I get hot I come over a little shaky and just not feeling well and feel I need to eat something to help me feel better. On holiday my husband had to take me out of a restaurant as I thought I was going to faint I just felt hot and strange. I felt better once I cooled down.

I also have a dull ache on my left side which I keep being told is IBS although I am not convinced.

My Dr has told me to stop taking HRT for a month and then he will do some blood tests.

Autoimmune disease is in my family and I wonder if I have something else? What tests should I make sure they take?


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When was your latest blood test for your thyroid and what were the results? Could be the dose has to be changed.

Do you take any supplements? Do you know your vitamin D level?


Thanks for responding.

I had my thyroid checked 6 months ago and was told it was normal so unfortunately I don't know what it was.

Never had my vitamin d level checked and don't take any other supplements


If I were you I would call my GP and ask for a blood test for thyroid and vitamin D + vitamin B12 because there are still symptoms.

Vitamin D deficiency is common and can give a lot of symptoms.

Wait for blood results and always ask a copy. After that I would start supplementing at least vitamin D 2000IU.


Thank you I will ask for a copy and I will order some Vit D


Hi Vicky,

Some of my symptoms are similar to yours, horrendous night sweats, left side pain (spleen area for me), stomach lower pain also, light headed but also lots of other stuff.

Had endocrinologist ordered bloods done, within range apart from Folate, low white cells & high red bloods, rash, swollen tongue etc. Etc. My Endo shown no concerns. I have half a thyroid gland & he says its ok.

Diagnosed CFS/ME & FM but specialist says symptoms way over them.

Sorry not much help to you Hun, but can sympathize so much.



Thank you it's all very frustrating x


It is quite common for Docs to think your results are normal when they actually mean in range. Not possible that one size fits all - think about it :-) Do ask for a copy of all your recent blood tests and post them here in a new post for someone to comment. ( with the ranges ! )

So the Thyroid tests you need are : - TSH FT4 FT3 Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Also the following are NOT included in the routine FBC - Full Blood Count - so they must be tested. B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD. You need to be towards the top of the range in all these - Ferritin around 80/90 - depending on ranges - otherwise the T4 you are taking will not work well.

It is important to have the FT3 tested - maybe privately - as you need to know if the T4 you are taking ( a storage hormone ) is converting into the ACTIVE hormone T3.

If you have not been optimally treated then it is possible that your adrenals have become involved in this thyroid puzzle. has some excellent information on their website. Click onto Adrenals at the top of the page ! Also some information on some simple home testing which can be a guide.

Good luck :-)

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Also, sounds like you may be hyperinsulinemic...... blood sugars may be bouncing all over the place. Not unusual if you are overweight. You'd need to take a closer look at your food choices. Eliminate sugar and easy to digest carbohydrates. Even hot flashes are reduced by eliminating foods that cause rapid rises and falls in blood glucose. Maybe if you can, see a registered dietician.


That is really interesting I will try to eliminate sugars and carbs as that will help IBS if that's what I have as well. I am not overweight thankfully as I watch my weight because of my thyroid.

I will see if I can find a dietician to speak to and try this for a month before my blood tests.

Many thanks. V


Take strenuous exercise ! All my symptoms are improved ( maybe not totally eliminated ).

I have just turned 60 and have taken up rowing .. Low impact on the joints .

I am competing nationally and going on the river in an 8 in all weathers with my rowing club .

Less tired ..helps control weight .

Also eat real porridge every morning , even if it makes you feel like gagging ! helps control constipation ..


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