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Am I Overmedicated Or Undermedicated?



I posted here: asking this question but I had no bloods done, so it took me two weeks to get the results and here they are below:

TSH: 2.27 Range: (0.27 - 4.20)

FT3: 3.90 Range: (3.1 - 6.8)

FT4: 15.1 Range: (12.0 - 22.0)

Haemoglobin: 12.7 Range: (12.0 to 15.4)

Ferritin: 18.0 Range: (20 - 180)

During my pregnancy, I had to stop my plans of taking T3 and just take T4 as I stated in my previous post. Seeing these results really irks me because I have been told that my results are fine all throughout my pregnancy but they are obviously not fine. *sigh* My Ferritin is the worst of them. I thought I was overmedicated because I was feeling on edge, getting anxiety attacks suddenly, and pretty much going batsh*t crazy, crying and feeling like I am being chased by demons. To this, my OBGYN said, "It is perfectly normal to feel this way on your third trimester" but I didn't feel like this at all throughout my pregnancy.

Also, although I have stopped gaining weight and started losing weight slightly, I gained a lot of weight at the beginning of my pregnancy and shot up by 10kgs leaving me at 93kg currently. I'll be giving birth in the next few weeks or month at most, then hopefully I can start to fix this, starting with Ferritin.

I have been taking 50mcg of Levo throughout my pregnancy, and each and every time I asked the OBGYN if my thyroid is fine and whether I need to increase my Levo dose, she said, "No". :(

No wonder I'm losing my religion. I have almost no iron stores! Wow!

By the way, can I take T3 while breastfeeding? Are there any resources about this, like papers that either support it or not? Any help would be wonderful. I do not want to lack energy, be miserable and affect the nurturing of my baby.

Thank you in advance.

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Make sure to check your B12, folate and vitamin D too, especially if breast feeding

Inana in reply to SlowDragon

Folate should be good. I’ve been taking 1000mcg per day since August last year but you never know. I will check soon. Vitamin D is low I think and B12 most likely.

I read somewhere that B12 during pregnancy was not good. I can’t remember where but I stopped it then. I will continue when baby is born. Or start now since I am in my 38th week in two days.

Thanks @SlowDragon

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