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Hypothyroidism and hair grow

Hi guys. I have had hypothyroidism for 6 years. I am on Levo 50mcg at the moment but my test came back indicating that I am undermedicated. Anyway, one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is hair loss. Well, I am experiencing quite an opposite problem. I have body hair in places where women are not meant to have. And they grow way too fast!!! I wax my body hair regularly but a week later I need to wax again (normally once a months is enough). I had me estrogen tested and it came back ok. I don't have a polycyclic ovary syndrome. So WHY I am so hairy??? And how can I stop growing hair so fast? :(

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Additional info. I had me DHEA tested a year ago and it was lower the borderline. The dermatologist suggested I will start losing my hair soon. I am 30 and Northern European (fair skin etc). Why am I so hairy? 😩


have you had testosterone tested? and male hormones tested? a whole bunch of female and male hormone panel might throw some light on it.


Yes I have over the years! It was all thinin the range!


do you know whatthe ranges were tho as the nhs range is one thing and the true range is another thing??

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I'm not sure. But with hypothyroidism normally people loose hair from their heads and the outer 3rd of their eyebrows. I don't think it's related as much to other body parts.

However when your hormones are out of whack all sorts of weird things can happen to your hair. Before I was fully medicated I used to have these mutant hairs that would grow out of my head, beard, and arms. Sometimes they would be as thick as 5 hairs and look like they were made of stiff plastic, other times they would be (not as thick) but bright white and they would grow a good 3 inches in what seemed like a day. Truly mutant hairs.

I also had hair loss at the same time, but I think that's more ferritin related (and possibly genetic as I am a guy).


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