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Detached feelings, can you relate please?

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Hi. Sorry if sounds petty

Finding the detached feelings I experience the most difficult to handle and not focusing, motivating well, or concentrating well, especially in the mornings unless I'm going to work. is common to my days, and the fear and negativity surrounding it , is something that makes it worse and really holds me back. Without these feelings I'm sure life would feel almost good again, the fatigue being better now etc, The panick feelings still up there, got worse in fact over the years, I had a full panick attack in the hills on Friday going to my sons, it gets so tedious at times to keep pretending ok to the outside world and cope, had a scream in the car!!!!

Diagnosed and got meds in Jan 17 after probable years and years of growing symptoms, had small t3 for a few weeks now and have had some positive changes

I guess I would like to know if the t3 will stop the anx and panick?

I guess Id like to know please if anyone has overcome this side of things with their meds, or any other products to help the panick especially go away, you miss the old care free you for sure , I used to rise above anything at one time, where has the woomoh gone to be replaced by dread of the symptoms, I'd hate my kids to see me like that and don't want to be any bother to them or for them to worry mainly,

I thought I'd overdosed cbd oils the other day which I've tried a little. And brought in a panick attack so has out me off it!!

Has anyone moved past panick please! I know you have to go through things not brush away, or has it all gone too far and non fixable ......

PM if prefer, most grateful to hear any success stories,,, has anything else helped you through the depression and anx type feelings and the fear and panick we can experience (some of us) without this, I would feel so much more in control ! Certainly don't think I want ADs as these weren't good, the panick increased when I tried

Appreciate if haven't experienced this side of it, it's then not possible to understand it much, - from where I sit, it's with fear, loud tinnitus, loneliness and isolated feelings (do live on own so some of it is to be expected I guess , and lived here two years. but I do blame it on the illness mostly now ) Any good news please πŸ¦‹πŸ‘Œ

Im most scared my life is finished and these feelings will stay forever, There I've said it!!! That is the main Fear

It haunts me every day that my life is over now, in my sixties and see it is under depression umbrella!! Long for the care free days once again

I'm making effort to join things and connect at the moment but in truth. I never ever want to come home to my empty home, whereas I used to love being in my home, 🌻 Can't pull myself together anymore at the moment

26 Replies

Are you sure it's not your adrenals. But to be honest i think everything is down to that these days! !! Anyway it might be worth getting tested . God bless xx

Thank you for reply and reminding, Il get retest x

I have aniety and have had panic attacks and iam in my 50's. I have meds to take when i feel like that. Take some deep breaths and think of something that bring u pleasure or peace. Not fun to deal with.

Thanks a lot for reply

Thanks for perspectives as when in it it's easy to get out of perspective, - had a lot of mounting stress if late which has kept me 'in it'

....I take it your meds help, please can I ask which they are?

Are you still taking TEVA levo or have you switched to a different formulation? Have you checked vitamin levels and are you getting enough calcium in your diet? If on an adequate dose of levothyroxine and with a good level of all vitamins and minerals your anxiety should clear up. Make sure you eat some calcium rich food at every meal. Are you taking a good B complex and is your vitamin D level sufficient?

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Jeppy in reply to Nanaedake

Really good article thanks so much, Id been meaning to get around to calcium ....... sounds great,

And of course learned yesterday that k2 directs it in the body, Another tool

Hi. Thanks for these reminders, much appreciated how important they are and I've got a bit lapse, I'd run out of B and D and left it a week so there you go, I am in quandary about quality, I was buying nutri but wondering if there are cheaper satisfactory brands, i.e. Waitrose own, difficult to know , I haven't taken calcium , expect need to check blood out?

Have ordered ult thyroid kit now! But it's not calcium

Thanks so much

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Nanaedake in reply to Jeppy

Best to get calcium from food but if you think you may be deficient despite optimising calcium in your diet then discuss with GP. Blood tests may show a deficiency but I understand from reading that they don't always show a mild but long term deficiency so you do need to ensure your dietary intake is adequate.

Did you do a yellow card report for TEVA? It took me a few months to start feeling better on ACTAVIS after horrible experience with TEVA and then Mercury Pharma.

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Jeppy in reply to Nanaedake

Sounds like me lol

I started on Warghurt and felt bad so tried teva and radh hnder skin and itchy so unsure what caused it

How about you

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Jeppy in reply to Nanaedake

Do you mean until hit on right dose for you?

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Nanaedake in reply to Jeppy

I don't think it was connected to the dose. I think it was the medication itself, and the way it was manufactured before the new regulations were brought in by the MHRA. The generics were not bioequivalent, causing huge thyoid hormone swings between 2008 and 2015. Whenever I took TEVA I got joint pain and my TSH rose and eventually I got really sick on it. It also made me physically sick when the pharmacy switched formulations. I now stick to ACTIVIS as it suits me and seems to be reliable.

.....had a rash and swopped to Activis. It was evident I wasn't converting well so now started t3 12.5 with 25 activis

Also working on gut and acid again and gf

Hi there when 1st diagnosed with my thyroid condition-hyper,i used to get terrible anxiety and panic attacks throughout the day and night, i used to tell myself it is not me its the disease, i felt self consious about going out because i thought people would see how poorly i was!! Sounds crazy looking back but i always pushed myself out the door-now im great but i do think it has alot to do with the illness and its side effects. Keep positive you will get there.🌟🌟

Thanks so much for reply Rmichelle, so glad you are feeling better, Can see now it's just a blip, as when in thick of it, can't see wood for trees.

Yes all you say is true, I've caused it by slipping with the vitamin support I guess, and to some extent not totally gf as I was previously and felt much better, positive is hard at times but is the magic word!!

Thanks xxx

Sorry you're feeling like this's best friend can make an empty home a more welcoming space and help us in lots of different ways. They make us take them out and interact with others. Have you ever considered a furry friend? Best wishes..

I had depression and anxiety and various other probs since my teens. When I was diagnosed with Hashimotos I started self treating with t3 (and also taking t4). The depression and anxiety went away. It comes back when I have flares or my levels get low and it's like a reminder something is off balance.


Thankyou so much for writing

I've wondered which way round it. Is, ? Is the depression and anx that are the first symptoms, before diagnoses, even as teenagers, expect so

I remember a bit of that but at that point I expect, better energy too, you could shake it off easier, and no responsibilities etc 😊 Good way to think it, that it's telling you something is off balance. Then can ignore the negative chatterbox 😜Lol

Ah I'd love a woof one day , I've got a sensitive cat ( they know as they do, he sticks his leg out to me on a challenging day and touches cheek!!!! Bless )

But I want to travel quite a lot so unfair to take on right now but one day!!

Since taking the b complex and mag powder I noticed more or less straight away the difference πŸ‘ Just get a bit complacent at times, I got the dispersive type, to try as thought might go in better

Thanks and have a lovely Easter Mon

🐣🐣. 🐈's just an increase of same feelings that were there at times underneath, probably all my life for years, especially from age 26, But to lesser extent then . When you just 'pulled yourself together and got on with it, old school! used to convince myself I was being stupid!!

- wasn't diagnosed until last year! 60 lol. you just began to think it's you , and take it on a personal level which seems daft now once you understand the full picture , I think it's amazing how the body can adjust and cope when out of kilter , I feel fortunate with that as many have really sad stories they have lived through x

Hi jeppy .... I believe you've answered your own question or problem when you said, " I'm so scared my life is finished and these feelings will stay forever." Your worrying about this is what I'll venture to say caused the detached feelings that you've been experiencing and in turn has created your panic attacks and on and on where these thoughts all got confusing, thus making it hard for you to distinguish which came first. And then to top this, the worrying along with the confusion probably did cause all kinds of other problems in your body's organs and like Hutthlen and others in this thread have mention, it has caused problems in your adrenals and on..... it seems to not know how to quit... Once we understand and own what we're doing to ourselves, the healing will begin. As for myself, I've developed a habit, a good one I think, no matter what ailment, given a bit of time, our body has the ability to heal itself. So I don't worry... I hope this helps...πŸ‘‹ πŸ™

Hello Jeppy,

Before being diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroidism, I had episodes of detachment. Everything felt like a fog and a dream or a movie as if I was looking from afar. I also had severe panic attack’s where I would often feel like I could not breathe. All of these symptoms are correlated to either undermedication or low nutrients. After taking levo all of these have resolved. Magnesium has been especially helpful when dealing with anxiety. I no longer feel detached, depressed or overtly anxious. Please know that you are not alone and there are solutions to your problems. I was there where you were and never thought I would feel better, but I am! So hang in there and read all the wonderful advice people have on this amazing forum! Good luck!

Thankyou both so kind

Great posts

Its so weird as when in it, im aware, but cant budge it, does that make sense and can't run like i used to which helped! ( sore leg) i believe its deep rooted as when i used to get a certain sensation i would distract and busy!! I did this for yrs!! You brush under rug

Believe you are both right! And I make it all far worse with irational fear i add onto it!!! I buy into it, and it builds

Having good day today!!! last night i had reflexology and good chat release ( as i work with elderly now it can be very surpressing at times) strangely in the night i had a kind of spiritual experience, i felt i could finally stop holding on to the trama times of the last years 😱 the therapist said she sent healing????

To explain and Anyway to make you yawn had lots of life big stuff in a heap and kind of had PTSS although its insulting to the wonderful soldiers

( divorce and betrayal daughters untimely preg, house fire, car crash, flood downstairs then cancer scare and permanent dental injury yawn then trying to keep home for children afloat, then night burglery and an assault and nursing mum.........)

each time i got up i felt a big fat fish slapped me round the face lol i suppose i was a mess, how i held jobs down now makes me cringe 😜 it all hsppened in space of three yrs but i feel i coukdnt process as you still need to get up each day and move forwards ( i got stuck i suppose)

Sorry im still rambling lol

..... woman who had similar said she talked and talked and talked and talked until one day she didnt want to talk anymore

Im sure it impacts the physical self in many ways, anyway this is thyroid site πŸ™ƒ

Booking more reflexology for sure!! When she press points for thyroid pituatory and kind of flipped hypothslmys ( whatever its called lol) it fluppin hurt πŸ™ˆ

All good, no pain no gain

Thanks again 🌸

Ps. If keep shoving stuff under rug it comes out other side

Will keep rereading fab replies

Lovely lot!! Thnx mr Well.

So helpful to know i havent got the white van coming to pick me up πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œ

Pleased for you!!! X

Supports to know not just me!!!!

I have been struggling with catastrophic thoughts and severe anxiety, you feel like your going barmy. im on sertraline from drs to try and help anxiety and low mood, plus propranolol for panic attacks, they work well! even started smoking occasionally after 16 years of non smoking.

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