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Thiroyd Dosing??


Hey everyone

Today I just got my Thiroyd tablets from Thailand in the mail. Does anyone know what dosage 1 tablet is ? For example, is 1 tablet considered to be 1 grain? Is 1/2 tablet considered to be 0.5 grain. I just wanted to make sure because I am switching from 50 mcg synthroid. Any advice would be appreciated.

NOTE: I am on regular Thiroyd NOT Thiroyd-S ( just thought I would mention)

. Also, I posted this with the topic of "Hashimoto's" and now posting under "Hypothyroid". I wasn't sure if the category would determine who can see this post. Please excuse me if this shows as a duplicate.

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Yes, 1 tablet is 1 grain.

Lots of heloful info on your post of two months ago ..... 😊

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