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Been on Thiroyd now from Thailand for about 3-4 weeks and I'm noticing my skin is a much better shade than the grey I have had for years also it actually looked shinny after a shower, it normally feels like a sponge soaking up all the water. Anyone else seen an improvement whilst on Thiroid?

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Hi I saw your post about you having I guess Thyroid-S from Thailand, could you please tell me the name of the guy you have been dealing with and your payment method.


I just put in on google buy thyroid s, it doesn't always come up, just keep trying, it's doubled in price since I bought some about a year ago!

Thanks for your reply, but you can put buy thyroid s into google all day long but you won't find any. That's why I was asking who you were dealing with.


That's were I found mine

Think at one point Amazon had it

Hi jo i been on it approx 3 weeks on 2 when i awake may i ask how many your on

3 grains one day split throughout the day, and 2 the next, I was on 250 levo

Hi, could you also PM me with the contact you use for buying T3?

Thank you

Joanneconnor in reply to SueHG

I got T3 off the doctor, but it didn't agree with me

Hi I've been on it since January and feel much better than the 2 miserable years I spent on levothyroxine. I'm on 2 grains a day and split dose morning and afternoon. I feel almost human again, able to exercise, brain fog lifted and much more motivated. My contact is a family member who lives in Thailand.

How long did it take for your improvement dolly

1dolly in reply to Rockingdog54

I started a bit too cautiously at a quarter of a grain and slowly increased so it took a bit of a while before I felt a lot better - also I kept increasing when I should have stopped for a while but my labs showed that I was overdosing a bit so I dropped back to 2. Also on great advice from this forum have sorted out my iron/vit d and b12 levels which were also rubbish!

Rockingdog54 in reply to 1dolly

Hi dolly I am on Thyroid from Thailand NOT THYROID S alththough I beleive it is the same supplier ,mine I beleive is natural thyroid NOT T3 alone

I was on 175 mcg thyroxine for 30 years , I now on 2 grains each morning but do feel better but still tired,although my motivation has improved its not good enough ,I have upped from half to one to two ,when on the lower dose I felt dreadful but too scared to take 3 grains l started on 1st March 2018

Is it early days for me ????

1dolly in reply to Rockingdog54

Hi, I'm on Thiroyd (Yes - that's how they spell it!) which is NDT (T3 & T4). God 30 years, what a nightmare - I was left on 25mcg for 2 years - thought that was bad! I was told that it takes about 6 months to feel better but, with all the good advice on here, I felt so much better in 3 months. I think the key is not to rush to increase - stay on 2 for a few more weeks, then get some tests done (Blue Horizons are good) to see if you are on the right track. Post results on here and the lovely experts will help. Good luck.


but thyroid s is not T3

Joanneconnor in reply to SueHG

I know that

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