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ANSWER TO ANY & All Questions reg. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and or ANY ailment!!!!!!


Works for me so far. With my numbers so high that the lab machines claim they can’t even read my TSH level and my T3 and T4 definitely not near the normal range.....

I have been following Dr. Axe and Dr. Jorden Rubin on youtube who used to be Western regular doctors until Dr. Rubin had cancer and was given a very short time to survive ( I believe he had an autoimmune disease). No matter and Dr. Axe’s mother had chemo with similar story. They both individually on second time around when chemo didn’t help they decided to go the Eastern medicine or should I say Ayurvedic medicine ( natural herbs and essential oils but mostly lots of bone broth powder and organic greens and fruits high in omegas etc). I bought a juicer, drink a special recipe of beet root juice daily, have organic lemon and hot water first thing every morning alternating an immunity recipe that takes me a minute blah blah blah.

I DO remain on a very low dose of both thyroxine and cytomil ( T3 ), against my doctor’s orders. My doc knows about it and says that he prefer me remain on a very high dose of thyrox. which does nothing for me but make me very anxious like I’m going to lose my mind. I don’t suggest you do anything until you clear it with your doc. But only we know how we feel. Not a lab result or anyone’s opinion. My motto is follow your feelings.

I believe if you continue to only take the inactive T4 meds and not the active T3 to wake up the T4 ( my opinion is that that is why everyone is always saying “why am I taking what the doc gave me and don’t feel better?”) it’s all about frame of mind and diet.

Just my personal story. I have a recipe for literally every ailment from brain fog, swelling, sweating, dry skin, anxiety, adrenal fatigue etc..... mind you I’m not 100% yet but before I started this ( following Drew Canole from fitlifeTV on youtube and Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Jorden Rubin ), I couldn’t even get out of bed.

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Well said.

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