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Is it bad to take iron pills knowing you have anemia? Anemia wasn't very low but would like any suggestions. I take 5 mg Methimazole in the Morning only and been taking my beth a blocker which is only a quarter of it, Doctor said to take beta blocker if my heart started to race, well I'm new at all this for like going on two months and yesterday I didn't take the quarter beta blocker cause pulse was in the good ranges, but earlier today I had a headache and didn't feel good so I checked my pulse and it went up to 98 so I took a quarter of my heart pill and started getting better. Does anyone think its the withdrawals from the heart pill that makes me get sick. My TSH level was 5.7 and my Free 4 was 58 last Wednesday from the Doctors report. She didn't say anything about Free 3. Thanks

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  • I am sorry I cannot help re Anaemia but if you go onto the Pernicious Anaemia on HU someone may be able to advise. Or a member on this TUK forum.

    You have hyperthyroidism, so that's why you take Methimazole and the doctor's given you a beta-blocker and it will relieve your symptoms.

    I would take the beta-blocker as GP stated and I don't think it would cause a reaction but the iron might and someone will respond who takes iron as I'm not medically qualified.

    I take a 5mcg at bedtime as cardiologist instructed and it has no side-effects.

  • You take 5 mg of your beta blocker ? I'm taking a quarter of Bystolic and it works, my Specialist said I didn't need to take it, but the heart ran on me like a week an a half ago in spikes at the Hospital 5 times. So I take it just in case, but now Specialist says take it if you see your heart is about to race...ugh that's like I'm almost always checking...does anyone know when the heart levels with the right medication adjustment or is it always looking out for your heart racing. I've heard if you go hypo you won't have a problem with your heart racing. Thanks so much.

  • I am following cardiologist's advice for a different reason to hypo. I don't/didn't have hyperthyroidism.

    You cannot really 'see' if you're heart is going to race 'that's ridiculous. It speeds up instantly and then you must panic a bit and then take you pill and wait till it calms. Quite stressful I think.

    I don't have hyper I have hypo so slightly different. I wouldn't like to be hyperactive.

  • Exactly...I wouldn't want to go through that heart racing again, it is stressful. I guess that's why they say it much better to be hypo than hyper...well for now I'm thinking I'm hypo cause of my TSH score going up to 5.7 so I now had my medication reduced to 5 mg once a day. Go on the 18 th for blood work. Thanks so much

  • I made a mistake I take 2.5mg at bedtime. It's because I had to buy some when out of the country and they didn't supply 2.5 they gave me 5mg but I did half it. :)

  • I was taking it half but would get side effects, then when I told Specialist about it she said I didn't need to take it, but I did need to since I was in the Emergency for my heart racing up 5 times and the Er doctor saw herself how my pulse went up and down. Well I don't know if it was cause of the Fanta I drank there, but stopped drinking caffeine for good. So I noticed the quarter pill does work since I could feel the pulse and like a covering over my heart when I take it. I didn't take it at all yesterday.

  • Sarajuarez,

    If you have been diagnosed with iron anaemia you will need to supplement iron tablets to raise your iron levels.

  • Yes as I get weak at times. I had ask my Doctor but he said no. I know iron is a much needed supplement for your body if your lacking it. Thanks so much clutter.

  • Do you suffer from hyperthyroidism? Your levels seem a bit odd? TSH shows you as hypo but FT4 as hyper. Do you have the ranges? (figures in brackets)

  • I was diagnosed as having Hashimoto and graves disease. Been told I don't look like I have graves from two other Doctors but diagnosed says otherwise. Yes I was hyper and been taking Methimazole till my TSH level went up to 5.7 was at first 0.01 Took a month to get to 5.7 till she reduced my medication on thyroid from 10 mg twice a day to 5 mg only in the Morning.

  • Looking back on your other posts, I see what the problem is, you left out the point! Your FT4 was .58 not 58! Its also important to put your ranges as labs differ.

  • Thanks Silver_Fairy

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