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yo-yo TSH

My levels have been all over the place since I was diagnosed treated finally with radio-active - iodine therapy in 2007. Lately my T4 has been right in the middle but my TSH has been way to high and then way too low. When I asked my doctor to check my T3 she looked at me like I had a hole in my head and said that South Lanarkshire health board don't do that test. So she had me drop my level of T4 and then wouldn't blood test me until she thought that I had been on the lower dose long enough, and subsequently forgot to read my results until a fortnight after they had returned. Then found that my TSH was 'dangerously' high while the T4 was extremely low. Now it has gone outrageously the other way. I thought of changing my surgery but the stories I have heard from others is that they are all the same. I asked for a referral to Endocrinology but was told that this was not appropriate. I feel alone with this!!

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Welcome to the forum, Siahors.

The most common reason for TSH yo-yoing is GPs altering dose to target a TSH level. If TSH is high you are undermedicated but low TSH doesn't mean you are overmedicated, especially when FT4 is within range.

Can you post your recent thyroid results and ranges and say how much Levothyroxine you were taking?


Have you had a fall and hit your head and I think this can send TSH haywire for awhile. How do you feel in your self what are your symptoms?


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