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Blood test results. Feel gone downhill again.

Hi everyone

I was on 40 mcg t3 ( Mercury Pharma). I had been doing quite well. I ran out and had to wait to see Endo before I could get more which meant I went without any for a week.

I have managed to get back to taking 30 mcg per day and will increase back to 40 mcg soon. For the last few weeks I have had horrible symptoms anxiety, dark depression, leg aches- all sorts going on. It has been since I had the new t3 tablets. Is it likely the catch up in dose or a bad batch? I just can’t get out of bed. I am unable to function which is in contrast to how I felt before Christmas. I felt great. I am not sure that the blip in dosage should cause all these symptoms though.

I’ve posted my results below. Can someone take a look at them. Just for info I had been off t3 for about a week so probably are lower than normal. Thankyou

Tsh 2.19 ( 0.27-4.20)

Free t4 <5pmol/P ( on t3!)

Free t3. 4.1pmol/L. ( 2.8-7.1)

The previous Free t3 result was 6.2 ( when on 40mcg)


Carolineanne x

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That's awful that you had to wait a whole week without T3. No wonder you're not feeling very well. It's how we feel that is the best guide of whether or not we're on a proper dose. It is also shown by your results, i.e. TSH too high and FT3 too low.

I would suggest, just in case similar happens, is buy T3 of your own so that should you have an emergency stock if needed. I doubt I could go one day without my dose. Also I think I'd be anxious all the time in case I ran out altogether or couldn't get a prescription.

Your TSH is too high FT4 is immaterial if we're on T3 only.


Thankyou. I thought the same. No one showed any urgency so I will order some to keep as back up. :)


Most times the Professionals don't realise T3 are life-giving for us. I'd be distraught if any doctor told me otherwise because they just don't understand at all.

I feel so sorry for those who've had it withdrawn without a thought by those who should know better and if our bodies do not improve on synthetic T4 but do on synthetic T3 that's the100% choice for us. Just as many recover on NDT which used to be prescribed and now withdrawn.

It is the patient who has to take the hormones - not the doctors/endocrinologists and I am sure if anyone in their family had the problems we've had, they would soon prescribe alternatives to levo.



TSH showed your were undermedicated and FT3 result is bound to be low as you didn't take any for a week.

Why did you only resume 30mcg? You're just prolonging how long you are undermedicated.

If you've been symptomatic on the new T3 tablets you need to tell your pharmacist they don't suit and ask for Mercury Pharma to be supplied. If pharmacist can't supply MP ask for your prescription back and take it elsewhere. You can report the adverse effects via yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/



I guess I was a bit scared to start back on 40 mcg as I hadn’t been on any for a week. I started back on 20mcg and worked up to 30 mcg.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The new tablets are Mercury Pharma so it looks like it might be just the lower dose. :)


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