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How long does it take for Levothyroxine to be absorbed after taking it, please?

Just been for an appointment with my Consultant. I took my tablets with me so that I could take them immediately after my bloods, and what did I do but take them after seeing the consultant and about 20 minutes before my blood tests!! What a numpty!!! My only excuse is that I was stressed and half asleep as it was such an early appointment and I had a poor nights sleep! Will it affect my results a lot? Many thanks.

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It will probably not be absorbed in 20 mins. Worst that is likely to happen is that FT4 shows higher than expected. If so, and consultant wants to reduce dose, explain why FT4 may be high and ask for dose not to be adjusted unless the next blood results show FT4 is high.


Thank you, Clutter, that is very reassuring and I will do what you suggest. Hopefully, it will be ok and won't affect TSH or FT3.

Hope you are well and many thanks again 😊X



It won't affect TSH or FT3 at all.

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Brill! Thanks so very much, as always x


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