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Am I converting right?

My tsh is 6.3, my t4 13.6 and t3 is 4.5 -am I converting alright ? I am still on Levothyroxine 50mcg trying to get closer to ranges they should be

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As suggested in your post of 3 days ago you need a dose increase. Only when your TSH is 1 or below can you consider a conversion issue - as explained back then 😊


I will speak to endocrinologist about it on 7th but the thing is when I started Levothyroxine my all muscles and joints are in pain) could it be because iam not on the right dose yet or could it be the side effect from Levothyroxine?should I try WP Thyroid or any other brand.I have Hashimoto


I have read your many posts about aches and pains and the many suggestions of help. Have you changed brands yet ? You won't know until you try 😊 Your dose is too low ....

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Yes I have tried Almus -didn’t work same pains and aches it was terrible , tried MP -same thing muscle pains and joint pain and now trying Wockhardt since two days but no improvement or anything which would suggest that pains are going away.


A higher dose could help. What other medication do you take ? What supplements and how much ?

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The only thing iam scared that by adding more of Levothyroxine I will not move at all and iam 31 never had this problem before since on Levothyroxine

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What other medication do you take ? - supplements ??

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I take more than 4hrs apart from Levothyroxine my Perfectil max vitamins selenium and magnesium oil spray that is all what I take

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I have asked gp to do my selenium levels and magnesium plus cortisol blood test .i was thinking to switch to another medication maybe something natural like WP Thyroid to see if it helps.Beforebtaking Levothyroxine I had ofcourse hypo symptoms but I didn’t have symptoms above- muscle (burning sensation on back all over) and arms upper arms and when I move all my bones I can hear cracking inside it’s so scary knees are in pain but mainly all my back .

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Oh dear ! I have run out of ideas 😊 Diet is the only thing I can think of. Are you completely gluten free ?


Hi Ayesha

You need to give the ranges.

TSH is too high. You need it lower, you need to protect your Pituitary Gland from overworking in producing too much TSH.

As mentioned previously you should have increased to 75mcg long ago.

I don't understand what you mean by you are -

" . . trying to get closer to the ranges they should be " ?

How does that fit with refusing the dose your GP prescribed?

Two days isn't long enough to notice any difference from a change in brand or dose. I think this has been explained before.

What about the Endocrinologist who was happy to try you on NDT and T3? Is that no longer an option?


2nd reply


I've looked back to your previous post. You added these results in there and had excellent answers to each of your questions from Clutter (in Admin) back then.

That was only a few days ago.

How are you feeling now? If you want to try increasing your Levothyroxine before 7 March - have you considered having another word with your GP?


My Hypo symptoms are lessening I mean slowly going away I can’t compare how I was before n how iam now jumped from tsh 44 to tsh 6.3 which is good of course with our Levothyroxine I wouldn’t make it so far thanks to that.Iam still having hair loss ,I feel tired during the day ,very very hard stools but they r coming every morning which is good as compare how I was before, my buzzing in head is still there it’s like a sharp sound in my head on and off but more or less continues and present all the time,dandruff’s and dry hands and dry spots on left corner of my mouth.What I noticed by starting Levothyroxine my acne is appearing a bit around my jaw line and bit of back.I have changed now brands Wockhardt Levothyroxine 50mcg instead of MP just to see if my severe joint and muscle pain will go away :( I feel I need increasment in medication upon hypo symptoms but iam scared of:

1.i will overdose;

2.endo will be angry I have done it on my own

Yes I do take multivitamins as I this keeps mine in range and up as Hypo people tend to have less stomach acid and problems with absorption.there are no other vitamins or supplements I take apart from Perfectil Max and I add magnesium 10 sprays in the evening which is 200mg and extra selenium pill 200mcg (as in Perfectil there is already selenium in it 165 and also magnesium 65 but not that much) I do eat chicken liver once a week it is easing my ferritin !i found it very good.

The thing is my Gp is really understanding and I have made a great connection with him .I found and made research that WP Thryoid is with lesser binders and not allergic from most of the NDT so I have an idea that on 26th Iam having an appointment with gp and I could ask him to prescribe me WPthyroid on named patient bases and just to try.As my current dose is 50mcg I would go for 1/5 grain what do you think? as i remember that joint n muscle pain started when I started Levothyroxine and it hasn’t eased or lessened quite opposite it’s just everywhere specially back and neck is killing me :( I changed to Wockhardt Levothyroxine two days back I have tried Almus MP and no success ! Will I lose anything by trying WP Thyroid on my own like self medicating and see if my pains and stiffness is going down?



Is this the one you take?

If so you're not doing yourself any favours.

Iodine - 200mcg - We shouldn't take iodine unless tested and found deficient. Iodine used to be used to treat hypERthyroidism, it is anti thyroid.

Iron - 14mg - this will stop anything else being absorbed. Iron should be taken at least 2 hours away from any other supplements.

Calcium - 400mg - Calcium should be tested and only supplemented if found deficient. The calcium will stop even the iron being absorbed.

Magnesium is the Oxide form, the least absorbable of all magnesiums.

Selenium is the selenate form which is less absorbably than selenium l-selenomethionine or yeast bound selenium.

B12 is Cyanocobalamin, the Methylcobalamin form is recommended.

Vit E is from Soya which we hypos should avoid.

You really could do much better than this supplement.

You should have the following levels for vitamins and minerals:

Vit D - 100-150nmol/L

B12 - top of range

Folate - at least half way through range

Ferritin - at least 70, half way through range (depending on range)

Supplement any low levels of the above with specific supplement plus it's cofactors, stay away from multivitamins, they are a waste of time and money and generally contain too little of anything to help and usually contain the least absorbable and wrong form of ingredients.

A good quality B Complex can help, Vit C will support adrenals.

If you already take 200mcg selenium, is it the selenium l-selenomethionine form or yeast bound selenium? You don't need more than this amount.


Yes that is the one ...:( I didn’t know than I will stop them from today right away.i have taken today’s dose ;( but that ok won’t take it anymore.

What good quality vitamin b complex could you suggest me to drink? And how much vitamin c should I take a day ? The selenium I ordered online it’s called from 438mcg Sodium Selenite Angydrous ,providing 200mcg selenium.if I buy any vitamins separate should I buy which once are gluten free? I always take any vitamins 4hrs apart at least from Levothyroxine. Iam texting my selenium n magnesium levels next Monday .which is the best shop online or high street for purest vitamins could u suggest!? I have cut gluten too. Also I think if I will have balanced diet it also should help .What about omega 6 and omega 3 oils should I supplement them too?many regards and thanks for all ur help! I will see how it goes with out those vitamins


I don't know of a good quality B Complex that you can drink other than metabolics.com/b-complex-li... but it is expensive as there are only 40 servings in that bottle for £26.45

The B Complex I like and use is Thorne Basic B.

Vit C should be at least 2000mg daily, you can take more but it can make bowels loose so only take to bowel tolerance.

The Selenite form of selenium is inorganic and not as absorbable as the l-selenomethionine form or yeast bound selenium.

Good brands, but if you have Hashi's you will have to check if you want gluten free





For Vit D I like Now Foods and Doctors Best. For K2-MK7 I like Healthy Origins. All these have just the necessary ingredients and no excipients/fillers.

I get mine from various online shops, not just one. I find a brand I like then compare prices.

For my Omega 3 I use Krill Oil.


Woke up with red spots like patches of red area on my chest this morning could it be Levothyroxine? when I started Levothyroxine couple of weeks ago I also had terrible rash on my front all chest throat itchy and other days had on arms and this morning iam now on Wockhardt it appeared on chest again between my breasts and up all with red spots !Could I be allergic to anything in a Levothyroxine.I have tried three brands and all the same :?Should I go to hospital or stop medication what should I do?


You could be reacting to the Levo. Check the ingredients of the brands you have used either on the patient information leaflet or online and see if there is one common to all of them.

I think it's shaws who recommends taking an antihistamine before Levo when there is a reaction like this. You could try that. I really don't think it's a hospital job, not just for a rash, a doctor or pharmacist could look at that for you, leave the A & E department for proper emergencies like heart problems, breathing difficulties, and other life threatening conditions.


Try taking an anti-histamine an hour before you take levo and if you don't have such a bad reaction, change the make of levo and sometimes we do have reactions in some of the medications we take.



I haven't read all of this reply - no need to.

I have just come off the phone from a very helpful woman at the Pharmaceutical department of the Perfectil company.

You say you are taking Perfectil Max. The daily dose contains 200mcg of Iodine which is 130% of the NRV (previously called RDA).

I asked if there was any warning on the packs for people with Thyroid conditions. She said they have added a warning.

Please look on the Thyroid UK website. Enlarge the column on the left and click on : Thyroid Treatment. - then click on: Adverse effects of Drugs, Chemicals and Foods. - then click on Drugs and Chemicals that can cause problems. - then scroll down to:

Medicines containing Iodine.


Oh dear I didn’t know u see I have taken today’s dose of it I will stop taking it I been taking it for a while now .So should I not take any supplement at all now ?


What do you think?

Ayesha, I didn't have time to look up Perfectil the other day (don't really now ).

I just Googled it and clicked on " more information " read through the ingredients and saw iodine. The thing is - you have been taking this for a while. I don't know what is responsible for your symptoms. But I do know you should always read full information on anything you take. And once on prescribed medication and supplements you are advised to check things out thoroughly before taking "health" pills also.

My question remains the same as a few days ago - if you are taking prescribed supplements and now have your levels up to optimal why would you want to take Multivitamins in ADDITION to your individual supplements?



I think I will quit for a while and see if it changes anything !I been on those supplements nearly two months to be honest ! I will buy just good vitamin b complex vitamin c and good balanced diet that will do keep it simple I think thanks for ur support will see if it will change anything ❤️

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I agree with keeping it simple - Let's hope your next post is good news! Keep in touch either way.

I think they do others without the iodine - but I'm not recommending anything! It's your choice. Just wanted to draw your attention to the extra iodine you've been taking! You may have bought packs without the Thyroid warning as she said they only realised it was missing from the Perfectil Max last year and had just recently started adding it to the packs. So it will take a while for pre-existing stocks to sell out, I suppose.

Also hope you find the correct level of Thyroid meds and feel better soon.

Have a relaxing weekend.



Thank you Marry you have been such a great help same as everyone else in here ! You been brilliant .I will wait for some time don’t know how long it takes iodine levels to drop but I am checking them on Monday .yes the pack doesn’t say any warnings on it about people who has thyroid issues so I have closed the pack and put it far away of me :) but iam thinking to trial WP Throid anyways and see how it goes!What are you on yourself ?

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Ayesha, If I were you I wouldn't worry about the iodine or "checking them on Monday". I don't think it stores / stays in the body anyway.

I would just forget about the iodine now. Why don't you just carry on with your Levothyroxine and your own supplements and try have a care free weekend. Sometimes I think it's good to just 'switch off' and relax, have a nice meal and put our feet up. I'm on 75mcg Levo at the moment, plus Folic Acid 5mg for Folate deficiency and Vit D maintenance dose. Just had lots of bloods done today, so will see how things are soon.

Hope you have a relaxing evening and weekend. And all of us on here. ♡



The conversion looks fine but you don't have enough T4 to convert as you are very undermedicated. 50mcg is a starter dose and yo need an immediate increase of 25mcg, with another blood test in 6-8 weeks, then another increase until TSH is under 1, symptoms have gone and free t4 and free T3 are in the top quarters of their ranges

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