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out of date liothyronine

exp: 10/08/17

it does say on the info not to take after the exp date

i need to increase but cannot tolerate the full dose of thyroxine (makes me jittery inside within days) should be on 150 a day but take 100/150 alternate days, ive taken 150 for a few days now and feel awful on the inside

is it wise to take a chance with the liothyronine or should i try 125/150 eltroxin?

NDT is out of the question at the moment due to unknown cortisol levels

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Why is NDT out of the question but T4+T3 not?

T3 past it's expiry date may have lost a little potency, especially as Mercury Pharma isn't blister packed, but it won't be harmful.


i need to do another saliva test to check my cortisol

last time my cortisol was high i couldnt take NDT as even the smallest amount made my heart rate 150+

and t3 (low dose) and t4 together seem to be ok


If you are on 150 mg levo and you are feeling jittery and anxious inside, then your dose is to HIGH, YOU NEED TO DECREASE NOT INCREASE.

I was on 150 and felt the same way, I was having panick attacks and just felt off, I dropped my dose down to 137mg and I feel so much better. Sometimes you need to go by your blood test number but let your body tell you what is right for you.


thats strange my TSH is 6,60 so assumed i needed increase

ill stay at the 100/150 as i have been


Hi Mandy72,

Can you post your blood results as TSH of 6.60 is high. Please add your ranges too.


cholesterol 4.86 mmol/L

fluoride glucose 5.7 mmol/L(3.3-6.0)

hba1c 38

tsh 6.60 (0.38-5.33)

b12 460ng/L (180-915.0)

folate 5.2 (3.1-19.9)

ferritin 41 ug/L (30-300)

CRP 9.1 ng/L (0.0-6.0) always high

sodium 140 mmol/L (135-145)

potassium 4.90 mmol/L (3.5-5.0)

creatinine 54 umol/L (62.0- 124.0) always low

urea 3.1 mmol/L (2.5-6.6)

folate 5.2


Don't assume anything!

Go to your doctor! Tell him/her your symptoms

and get your T3/4 tested.

Never increase/decrease your dose without proper supervision from your doctor.It just isn't worth it risking your health.

Thyroxine is a bastard of a drug to be on,but, if you overdose you could risk more like severe depression!


theres no way they will check t3/t4 they never do even if its on the blood request form

i should be on 150 daily so only going back to what i should be on


You are under medicated to have a TSH so high. What reason do they give for not testing T4? T3 testing is available but most will not test for it. But T4 definitely is. Would ask again and demand and explanation as to why it hasn’t been done as it’s on the form. Your Gp can’t give you your results on TSH. And even if s/he did they’d see you need a raise in Levo to get your Levo down to below 1.0. Ask to see another doctor and a referral to an Endocrinologist. S/he is keeping you I’ll. you could also pay for a blood test via Blue Horizon or Medichecks. You shouldn’t have to but unfortunately this is an option if you want to get well and move forward. Your Gp also needs to address you folate and ferritin levels. Are you taking any vitamins?


i dont know why they dont test t3 and t4 for some reason the lab refuses

i can try and get an appointment but that could take months as there are only 2 doctors now and they are relying on locums, then sometimes we have to go elsewhere to see a dr

i can save for a private test but money so tight all the time

this is why i was asking about the out of date t3 because i cannot do 150 a day ive been doing 100/150

im not supplementing anything at the moment

funnily enough i was feeling 'ok' until i started the 150 daily then the internal jitters started so i obviously cannot tollerate the full dose im supposed to be on, i might try 125/150 and see if not then ill have to add in t3


The lack of vitamins should be addressed. Your Levo won’t work as well if your body does not produce sufficient nutrients. Adding them will aid the Levo in your system. And may be why you are jittery. Like reviving a car with the handbrake and brakes on. I agree with Cheryl25 and especially Jilly ean1’s advice not to increase dose.

I’d also see a locum as a second opinion. It’s a shame you can’t change practice. Can you put a complaint in re the FT3 not being tested even though it’s on your form?


i have solgar gentle iron and will be taking a b complex, hopefully thats enough to help


B12 & B complex


Iron & Vit c





Are some of the main vitamins needed. What you are deficient in will show on your blood test results if your lab has tested them.

You sound like your running on half cylinders. There’s no quick fix for this illness. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion on this, just out of date Liothyronine. But I think you could benefit from taking care of you.


i have b12 and b complex

selenium is somewhere here but last time i took it i had bad stomach cramps, will hunt out and try again with food

i take vit c daily

magnesium daily

calcium i dont take....... 2.36 (2.12-2.62)

folate is in my b complex

is ferrirtin from iron pills?


Also make sure your T3 is airtight and might benefit from keeping in the fridge (can you transfer it to a child safe capped bottle and put high up on a shelf)


the T3 is what i had prescribed in the original containers, i might have a child safe bottle around here but my kids can get in them easily (yongest is 11) my kitchen is cold so i can put them anywhere high really


I did read your profile hence the child proof container. eBay should have one or maybe your pharmacy could give you one. 💜

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child proof container is a must i think, not because of my kids but we have the grand kids over lots and they are babies still (well 6 and almost 2)

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