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Total thyroidectomy

Thank you for creating this insightful community. following total thyroidectomy 3 months ago ,currently taking tirosint 100mg(t4),my question is as I am having a very sluggish metabolism if I should also be taking some t3.my endo says that the body converts t3 on a cellular level and this can't be seen on blood test results .my endo also said I will have symptoms such as heart palpitations if I take t3.I am.in my mid thirties and an athlete and have gained 15 kgs pre operation and 5kg following without changing anything in my healthy lifestyle .the reason the thyroidectomy was many enlarged suspicious nodules covering all thyroid,but thankfully results showed no cancer .

Looking forward to your advise.

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If you could post your latest blood results it would help us.

Endo is spouting the party line and some half truths. It is true to say you can't measure intercellular t3 in a clinical setting, but you can measure serum free t3 and they should. Most people feel best when ft3 is in upper quarter of the reference range. Prescribing t3 is expensive which the fault of the nhs not yours. Clinical commissioning groups are putting pressure on clinicians not to prescribe t3 because of the costs.

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Much appreciate your reply and help .I will be getting the blood results Monday and post them, I will also ask for FT3.

I am unclear of what you mean expensive to prescribe T3?,I live in Greece where T3 costs around a euro ,2 euro max of the counter .


Sorry I didn't realise you arent uk based.


In the UK where this forum is based the big pharma companies have hiked the price of T3 by around 6000 times on spurious grounds ...if you live in Greece and can buy at that price feel very very lucky

Here in the UK we are denied that option


Not 6000 times. (That would have worked out at £72,000 for 28 tablets.) From about £12 ten years ago to £236 today - near enough 20 times.


I think you will find the press were claiming drug prices had been hiked by 6000% by Concordia ....so far their defence for the price hike on T3 has been laughable and amazed the authorities cant see through the smokscreen ...but the NHS seems incapable of vetting any costs or contracts properly hence why they are in problems but taking it out on patients who need lifelong treatment through no fault of their own when other self inflicted conditions receive no restrictions on treatment is grossly unfair


But you actually wrote: hiked the price of T3 by around 6000 times

No percent sign! And a "times".


Not everyone is perfect.


Absolutely correct - and I expect to have my errors pointed out.

The problem is that information very often gets quoted and if it is wrong, that perpetuates a mistake.


Well it seems they are planning to do the same in Greece as I went to several pharmacies to get T3 and they told me they are out and are only getting limited supplies now here as it is being sent abroad to countries like UK where they are making real profit !


How lucky - Uni Pharma T3 is one of the best and as you say only pennies

Here in UK it's £258 for 28 tablets! Hence NHS suddenly became reluctant to prescribe



Post your results in a new post/question as updates get overlooked.

Some thyroidectomized patients don't do well on Levothyroxine only as we lose the ability for thyroidal conversion and are reliant on peripheral conversion. Many of us do better with some T3 added to T4. As long as you don't overmedicate and ensure FT3 remains within range it's unlikely you will have palpitations.


Ok thank you. will post them on new.


I will also post new but just got my first results post thyroidectomy and my question is should I take T3.currently taking 100mg t4.


FT3- 3,7

Thank you


Wow I didn't know ,how bizarre. sorry to hear that!it's worth a visit to Greece then ;p


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