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Hypothyroidism & Asthma - any link?

So I have autoimmune hypothyroidism.

Taken just levothyroxine for 10 years and lots of residual sytmptoms.

Started adding T3 9 months ago. Tried lots of different dose comibinations but recently settled on one that feels good (yet to test but will soon).

Recently told I have asthma and given a ventolin inhaler to try for a few weeks.

My question is regarding a link between the two conditions - Is anyone aware of a direct relationship? I’ve read that asthma can go hand in hand with autoimmune conditions but what about specifically hashimotos? Is there any hope that it could be just temporary, ie while my levels adjust?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks in advance all.


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Low vitamin levels might be cause, especially low iron or ferritin.

Ask GP to test these and vitamin D, folate and B12

Low iron can cause breathlessness.

If you have Hashimoto's then both dairy and gluten intolerance are extremely common. Dairy can cause persistent cough, or mucus


Thanks SlowDragon. I have coeliac disease so gluten free but have wondered about the dairy thing - but hadn’t linked the two, thank you. My vitamins were good last time I tested but maybe due another check soon.

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New research indicates that asthma can be helped by large doses of vitamin c - so if you take flavoured tablets you could take one tablet of 300mg or 500mg three times a day. This boosts your immune system and opens the airways, preventing the surfaces of the bronchi from being blocked by mucus, Expect you have more than one autoimmune disease and there is a new test out from Alphega pharmacy which are located throughout the Uk - they do a test with just a prick on the finger, and run the blood thru a special smart device which the pharmacist interprets. I found to my surprise that I had dairy egg wheat rye barley, rice corn, , - have stopped eating pasta rice bread eggs etc and now drink lactase free milk. There are over 40 different allergy tests so it helped to change my lifestyle.

Slowdragon is quite right about dairy causing mucus. I thought my life would be cheese free but found there is no lactose in cheddar cheese and hard cheese, single or double cream,

so I can eat goats cheese but have to watch lactase in goat and sheep's milk as I am diabetic.

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My asthma started about four years ago, when I’d been hypothyroid for about twelve years. Interestingly, since I began treatment for low B12, it isn’t as severe, and I can manage to control the symptoms on the preventative inhaler only. So I wonder if the lack of B12 was the trigger for me? Low B12 does cause breathlessness.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. That’s really interesting. 🙂


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