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Been reading about this disease, and related ones, and how it is usually fobbed off by doctors as the menopause, hot flushes etc.

Just read online that it is mostly not picked up on by doctors, or if they do, then they don't prescribe the right treatment. It also suggested that you can have all the symptoms of this disease but the blood tests aren't showing it.

The article also suggested you could have autoimmune system problems. Did have a test for adrenal syndrome but it came back clear even though I am excessively tired all the time to the point of exhaustion and never really feel refreshed after sleeping.

Can anyone advise me on any of this? What blood tests etc I can request of my doctor(based in England) and, if the NHS won't do this, what blood tests do I need to find out what is causing all these symptoms...? So many other conditions too, like diabetes 2 and slight furring of the arteries...

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Lydia1960 Everything you have read is correct.

The tests you need are:




TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase) antibodies

TG (Thyroglobulin) antibodies

And because it is important for thyroid hormone (our own or replacement) to work well, the following vitamins and minerals should be at optimal levels (not just 'in range'):

Vit D




If your GP won't or can't confirm all (FT3 and TG antibodies are very rarely done) then you can get all of the tests done with a private fingerprick test at home (venous test available if you can get blood drawn somewhere):

Post any results, with reference ranges, in a new thread for members to comment.

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Thanks for this, Seaside Susie. It does confirm my experience with GPS. I've taken note of these tests needing clarity on. Will see what the doctor says..


These are the tests people on this forum find helpful :

TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

Free T4 - NOT Total T4

Free T3 - NOT Total T3

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Thyroglobulin Antibodies

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12


Ferritin (iron stores)

CRP (C - Reactive Protein)

When arranging to have any tests, arrange them as early in the morning as possible, and before 9am.

Fast overnight, but drink plenty of water.

On the morning of the test, drink nothing but water until after the blood is taken.

If your doctor won't do the tests you want, or only agrees to test TSH then you could buy your own tests, money permitting. There are two main companies used on this forum for thyroid function testing :

Blue Horizon :

Results are returned by email.

Medichecks :

Results are returned to your account on Medichecks.

More info on testing generally :

Edit : I see SeasideSusie beat me to it. :)


That's quite a lot of tests needing clarity on. I will check out those websites to compare costs, but see how many of the blood tests I can get on the NHS first. Thanks for taken the time to share this with me..

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Do I need a specific blood test for adrenal fatigue? The one my doctor ordered came back clear...


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