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Hypothyroidism Symptoms

i have hypothyroidism and for the past year have been getting cramps and sharp pain in my lower left abdomen which has just started on the right hand side too. i have also experienced irregular bleeding even thou i take cezerett so dont get periods. i have had 2 small cysts on the left hand side but have both gone naturally, however i still have the pain so i don’t think its due to the cysts. i also have been experiencing bad digestive [problems for about 2 years (the same time as when my throid was first diagnosed). Could any of theses symptoms be related to my thyroid or an autoimmune disease?

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Anything and everything can - and often is - related to thyroid problems. But, you haven't really given us enough information to work on.

What are you taking and how much?

How long have you been on your present dose?

Do you have any labs to share with us?

Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested?

Where exactly were the cysts?

All details are important. :)

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hi, i'm taking 75mg of levotyroxine but im due to get my blood results on monday as these are too low now i think. i have been on this dose for about 3 months. i'm am taking iron and Vit D but ive never had my B12, folate or ferritin tested, should i request these?

The cysts were in my left Fallopian tube but went naturally after about month.


Well, 75 mcg is more or less a starter dose, so you probably do need an increase. It would have been best to go back for tests after six weeks on that dose.

Yes, you really should asks for B12, folate and ferritin to be tested. It is very important that they are optimal.

I believe - I've been told - that hypos are more prone to developing cysts than euthyroid people. I have had quite a few in my time - I even have one on my brain! lol But, they assure me it's not doing any harm - could explain a lot though! lol


I started on 25mg about 2 years ago (I'm only 19) so only need a low dose.. I have read about cysts being common with hypothyroidism

Is it possible to find out what causes hypothyroidism as I would like to know..?


Your age has next to nothing to do with how much thyroid hormone you need. And to leave you on a sub-starting dose for all that time is virtually negligence. As you were so young, you could have been started on 75 mcg.

Most hypothyroidism is caused by autoimmune thyroiditis. Did they not test your antibodies? But, if it isn't that, it's very difficult to know what caused it. It could be so many things, a blow to the head, endocrine disruptors in personal hygiene products or cleaning products. Who knows. People very rarely find out.


oh, I was told that mainly older people got it. No I've never had my antibodies checked, is it worth getting them checked too?

thanks for all the advice.


You can get it at any age. It's pretty certain that I've had it since I was a small child.

Yes, it is worth getting them checked. There are two types of antibody : TPOab and TgAB. But the NHS will only test the TPOab. The other one would have to be done privately.


okay, I will look into that. Thanks again.

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Are you on any medication for stomach acid?



i have been on 3 different types of anti acids none of which make any difference, i take buscopan which helps with craps but dont help with other problems, mainly sickness and regurgitation of food (especially when i bend down)


You probably have low stomach acid, the symptoms are the same as high stomach acid, but hypos usually have low stomach acid.

When you have low acid, the food is not digested properly, and ferments in the stomach, so you get acid reflux. Have a read of this :


If you have low stomach acid, then you probably have low nutrients, so ask your doctor to test

vit D

vit B12



These all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you are giving it. But don't expect any help from your doctor on that, because he knows nothing about it, and will say they're 'fine' even when at the bottom of the range. So, post your results here, with the ranges, and we'll tell you what needs supplementing. :)


Thanks, that was really useful. I will request for these to be taken and get the results back :)

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People with underactive thyroids often have low stomach acids, not high. The symptoms are very similar. A lot of members of this forum take betaine-pepsin with their food and find the symptoms are relieved. Taking some kinds of antacids can interfere with thyroid medication I believe.


okay thank you, i will look into that and ask my doctor on monday.


your gp will know nothing about low stomach acid

you need to start from scratch

have you gone gluten free

do you use aluminium or non stick coated or foil cookware ?

irregular bleeding should be properly investigated do not just assume its cysts


I havent not, (didnt know this was important) and i do use foil cookware (is this a problem). My doctor just put it down to my pill and said it was fine..


on absolutely no account whatever use foil or aluminium or non stick cookware ....heat foil or aluminium and it gives off a form of radiation which affects the food and damages your body

all you need to do is do a google search on aluminium poisoning and aluminium allergy

i know the hell it causes because 30 yrs ago i spent 2 yrs crippled up in agony in every joint with constant nausea and gastric problems and if it was not for one dedicated homeopath i would be dead


god, that sounds awful.. I hope your doin good now


providing i strictly avaid anything cooked in aluminium or foil etc i am fine


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