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late weigh in update

stayed the same this week

that blasted 1 1/2 lb just dont want to shift

i want a shiney sticker and my 3 stone award

fingers crossed for thios week as have stuck to plan better

campfire stew wednesday for dinner, egg and bacon pie last night , chili con carni in the slow cooker for tonight and best of all they were all free on slimming world :)

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Just hang in. That final bit can be really frustrating but even if it hasn’t gone this week it will go. Just think of all you’ve lost so far, you’ve done SO well.


thank you.............its very frustrating lol

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Congratulations for loosing all that you have done already ! The last bit is always difficult, look at your portion sizes you maybe eating too much ! I found this when I lost my weight then I stayed the same for weeks not loosing the last 2 pounds and sticking to SW plan religiously ! SW consultant told me to look at my portion size, I did and reduced them n the following week at weigh in lost 3 pounds . Good luck 😁


i wish this was the last few pounds i needed to lose but unfortunatly its not, still got a way to go

I think im eating the wrong foods and not enough speed

and the odd take out does not help

but this week ive been pretty good

i start a 12 week countdown monday and have the 12 week diary so i can log everything im eating

i have yogurt and fruit for breakfast and sometimes have a healthy b too

lunch is normally soup (speedy) a couple of the new hi fi bars or leftovers and dinner is whatever i decide to make (leftover chilli tonight)


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