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Ikaros T3

Ikaros T3

I recently ordered some T3 from a supplier that I've used before. In the past this supplier has sent me the usual Unipharma T3. This time, it took a long time for them to send the T3 saying there were issues with the supplier / manufacturer. When they eventually sent them, they sent these, in a little bottle, made by Ikaros laboratory. Has anyone else used these before?

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There have been many posts over the last 10 months or so about the difficulty of obtaining Unipharma and this particular supplier taking orders/money and taking many months to supply. Generally a prescription is now required for T3 in Greece and even then people seem to be limited to one box, so this supplier has been sending Ikaros. Not many members have given feedback but it doesn't seem to have gone down too well with some.

If you edit your title to include the word Ikaros you should get the attention of those who have had it supplied.

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