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Bank charges when buying T3

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My endo recommended I get my T3 from a company in Montenegro his patients get theirs from. I am having problems working out the bank charges....

My bank has told me their charges and the supplier told me what their bank charges are but said they need me to say I will bear all charges to cover any intermediary banks used. I asked my bank about this and they said they had no way of knowing what intermediaries might be used and the recipient's bank normally knows.

So, I looked into sending by GlobalWebPay (a suggested method of payment on the supplier's website) . GlobalWebPay advertise no recipient fees - apart from the bank my supplier uses (!) which can be 5 -20 euros. 20 euros to send 40 euros seems a lot, especially when there is no charge for transferring to any other recipient!

I am very confused so would welcome some help.

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After having been stung by my bank with over £30 in charges, I used Western Union at my local Sainsbury's and paid cash. Charge was around £5 but you do have to pay the seller's charge for collecting money so make sure you pay the correct amount.

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Dee1 If this is the supplier of Unipharma then the bank is in Montenegro but the supplier is in Greece. There should be the option to pay by Moneygram and Western Union. If I am right, and it is the supplier I am thinking of, then use WU. You can register with WU online and you can do a 'cash payment' from your bank for the money to be picked up (Serbia IIRC). The cost is £4.90 for the WU fee and there is no bank charge because you can do a faster payment into WU's British bank.

Or if you have a WU or Moneygram shop near you, try that.

PM me if you need further clarification.


I bought T3 from this supplier last year and with no problems, the bank charges seemed quite reasonable. I want to buy more but I've forgotten the name of the company. Can you PM me to let me know their name?

Many thanks

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Dee1 in reply to angela100

They have run out of supplies. I sent money a few months back as did others and we have received nothing but a stressed out email saying they could not get any T3. Nothing since. So I would advise going elsewhere. Best wishes.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to angela100

Angela - you really don't want to be ordering from this supplier at the moment, many recent threads confirm they are taking orders and payment but not delivering due to shortage of Unipharma T3 - one thread here

The other Greek supplier has suspended orders due to the shortage.

I believe it's still possible to get Tiromel (Turkish T3) but I don't have any contact information.

Thank you

I don't use the supplier you're referring to as I get mine from Mexico. That payment method sounds costly! If they accept payment via Western Union I'd go for that. WU charged me just under £5 last time.

Just noticed cinnamon_girls comment. Seems as though different suppliers have different approaches. My supplier doesn't make me bear their collection cost, but maybe they've already factored that in to their price.

I use MoneyGram. There are no charges and you can even pay in Tesco's who have become one of their agents, although I have created my own account online and pay there.

Endocrinologists telling patients to buy their own T3 from abroad makes us like drug addicts trawling the internet for our fix, uncertain if the tablets are genuine. It is soooo disgusting. ?Rant over :-(

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dang in reply to marigold22

Couldn't agree more 😓

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Silly in reply to marigold22

The one I'm seeing is trying to get me t3 from nhs but he did say off the record have you thought about importing your own . He even told me to go to Greece see a dr get him to prescribe and then when I come home he could continue it without the need to put it to the board

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marigold22 in reply to Silly

Do these doctors & endos realise what they are doing? It's totally disgusting

I totally agree.

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