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abdominal pains on lying down


I have Hashis but generally it is well controlled on 75mcg.

however just wondered if my abdominal pains could be related or if anyone has any ideas as the GI consultant is pretty stumped. For the last year or so I have been getting bad pains mainly around my navel when I go to bed.If I get up and sit at the computer etc they go away ( not distraction as if I focus they are not there )Ive had gastroscopy ( mild erosion and duodenitis), colonoscopy ( normal) and a CT scan ( normal). I am awaiting a breath test for SIBO ( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

The pains vary in intensity - some nights not too bad , other nights worse- and range from a hollow ness to a feeling of being too full....??!!

no obvious specific food connection.

I cant get a handle on this at all .

(I used to be a medical herbalist and have tried all sorts of herbs from anti inflammatories, gut healing, herbs to normalise acid and so on and NOTHING helps....aargh!)

any ideas of where to look now would be really useful.thanks

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meant to say am taking zinc carnosine , garlic plus and oregano complex none of which seem to be helping.

have tried treating as for low stomach acid but again no improvement. the location of the pain doesnt really indicate stomach either , more small intestine


How are your thyroid levels on 75mcg ? - do you have any results with ranges you could share ? I am suspecting it is possible your FT3 is low and as the second highest demand for T3 after the brain - is the gut lining/immune system. Your result needs to be in the upper part of the range.

I believe it is the Transverse Colon that sits behind the navel - so could be a bolus travelling through and irritating.

I was diagnosed with Crohns over 43 years ago so have to learn on the hoof - just in case you are wondering :-)

Many Hashi's people are gluten sensitive - so you could try gluten free.

Low Stomach Acid affecting digestion ?


Hi alchemilla12

Have you tried going gluten free to see if this helps?

I have Hashimoto’s and I’ve been gluten free since September 17, it has definitely helped me.

I use to experience awful tummy cramps, and popping noises in my tummy, and terrible joint pain, sometime I couldn’t move for the pain of the tummy cramps.

It could be an intolerance to lactose as well?.

See if you can give up gluten perhaps for a few weeks and see if that helps improve your symptoms.

Best wishes



Hi Peanut 31

yes Ive tried no gluten and dairy - for about 3 months which I know some people think isnt long enough but there was no change.

Marz -my TSh is 0.55 ( 0.2 -4.2 ) and doesnt change much at 6 monthly blood trsts. You probably know that GPs in the UK dont routinely check FT3 or 4 so I could do it privately .

I would imagine that the symptoms would be fairly consistent though rather than just mainly at night? A bolus would be more likely to give rise to griping / cramping pains I would think.

also no amount of herbal anti inflammatories /soothing /healing herbs / l- glutamine have made the slightest difference. I have treated a lot of IBD in my years as a medical herbalist and always managed to get some reduction in symptoms in my patients so it makes me think there is some other cause which as yet remains unknown !

thanks for your replies though!


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