Pains in Lower legs & Tiredness

Hi, just wondering if any one suffers from pains in their lower legs. It is like a dull ache and legs seen to swell during the day time. I do sit down all day at work so maybe that does not help with circulation but this dull ache is horrible and I have dreadful tiredness during the day. Although I sleep very well it feels as though I have not had any sleep at times. I do take Vit D and am on 100mcg of thyroxine have B12 injections every 3 months and take folic acid daily as well as omega's 3 6 & 9. I also have ulcerative colitis. I have been to GP several times complaining about this tiredness but all he does is ask are you stressed or working too much etc. I had bloods last week and he said he would contact me if any issues but if anyone else has any ideas or tips with regards to these aches in lower legs I would be very grateful.

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  • Norwood1, if thyroid and vit D levels have been checked and are good then you might try supplementing magnesium citrate and spraying magnesium oil on your legs. You should supplement zinc with magnesium to keep things balanced.

  • Thank you very much clutter for your reply. I will check with GP tomorrow to get blood results but know that last bloods did mention magnesium was low so makes sense what you say. Do you recommend any brand to purchase? Thank you, Ann

  • Ann, no I've been taking mag oxide which is apparently hard to absorb and probably not doing much good. Have a look on Amazon, citrate and glycinate are often recommended. Not sure about sprays. Epsom salts in the bath are supposed to be good too.

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  • ok, many thanks Clutter i will have a look on amazon and try the epsom salts . Many thanks for your reply and advice.


    Ann :)

  • Dead sea mineral bath salts very soothing . I think similar to Epsom salts. Hope you find something that eases leg pain Magnesium oil spray also helps.

  • Many thanks foglove for the advice, will definitely try the oil and bath salts. Anything to get rid of these aches :( Thank you again

  • also adding a thyroid support supplement like pure encapsulations thyroid support helped me with energy and all over well being . I was shocked but I felt the results that were obvious noticeable. I felt young again and before I felt like a old lady .

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