Pains in torso

Hi does anyone have pains in their torso? I have them from under my rib cage into my stomach and round into my back. It's getting worse and I'm getting worried about it. My stomach has swollen too. I'm not constipated or have intergestion. It gets worse when I eat as well. It's mainly centre under breastsection. Any ideas? Please. I have hasimotos any relation?

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  • Sounds like the type of indigestion I get sometimes, mine is caused by low stomach acid, lots of us that have thyroid problems have low stomach acid, i take 1tsp raw apple cider vinegar and one tsp of lemon juice in 1/2glass warm water about ten minutes before I eat or when I have indigestion and this really helps , one important point don't take if on ppis. Maybe you could go see gp just to check everything thing is OK.

  • Thanks for the reply. I think I will get the GP to check it out as I have low folic acid as well. Read somewhere to go to GP if you have intergestion and iron problems? Thanks x

  • Gall bladder could be inflamed - very common with Hypos :-) Had mine removed years before a Hashimotos diagnosis .....

  • Ok thanks for reply. 😊

  • It could be pancreatitis. Would be a good idea to see a doctor just to make sure.

  • As Marz and Jazzw said, it could be an inflamed gallbladder or pancreatitis. Is your pain more on the right or left? I have gallbladder issues and have had fatty liver twice, and my pain is under the sternum, and all under the right rib cage. The pain will also bore through to my back on the right side. However, I will sometimes feel pain on my left side too.

    I find drinking 2 or 3 glasses of water right in a row gets rid of gallbladder pain quite quickly. I have no idea why, I just found a forum post talking about the water fix, and it really does work if you are having gallbladder issues.

  • Hi

    its mainly in the middle of my chest going down into my stomach with pain a crushing feeling over the whole of my torso feels like im being crushed inside. Painful ribs around my back. It's really weird. Think of pop into Dr tomorrow to get it checked. It's been on and off like this for about 2 months. My stools are have gone a light colour as well. Been on folic acid for 2 weeks now. Stools not that colour before I started the tablets. I can't understand it i thought it would have helped by now but with stools only just gone the light colour. Doesn't make sense to me. The pain comes and goes. Feeling dizzy all the time. ( thought that was hashi). 😶

  • You must see the doctor, it's so easy to blame everything on our thyroid and your symptoms might well be related to that but you must rule anything else out x

  • @t3tracy, those are concerning symptoms. Light stools are mainly caused by pancreatitis or liver/gallbladder issues. You could even have a completely blocked bile duct. I'm glad you're going in tomorrow.

  • Get gallbladder checked,but really need to see a doctor for tests

  • Did you pop to see the GP ?

  • Hi yes I did they think it might be gallbladder stones. I have to wait for appointment for scan. Thanks for concern. I was quite worried about it yesterday but the Dr didn't seem in a hurry to get me down to the hospital. Hopefully it won't be to long await. Thanks again Marz 😊

  • I suffered endless bouts of pancreatitis for quite some years - usually on a Sunday night after the Sunday Lunch I presume ! I was rushed into hospital with a blue flashing light towards the end - and they could find nothing wrong with the liver or gall bladder. After a week or so in hospital I was checked and re-checked on a turntable x-ray to see what they could determine. Eventually they called in the surgeon who had done my last big Crohns Op and he decided to go in and operate. The Gall Bladder was rancid - and not a sign of a stone or a pebble ! The relief was amazing and I have not had a problem since - can eat anything .... thankfully :-)

  • Wow really? God I hope they can see what's going on with me. You had a bad time of it didn't you? Well at least it got sorted in the end. Hope the wait isn't too long for the scan. 🤔 it might be nothing. It could be a lactose intolerance or just acid but I'll keep you updated. Thank you for the help. 😊 and everyone else who replied really appreciate it. x

  • If you click onto my name above you can see in my Profile it was a small part of my journey. I am 70 now and was in my 30's - so a long time ago. It is certainly a Hypo thing in my mind but Docs rarely make the connection ....

    You will be fine 😊