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Aussie flu

I am a victim and the last few days have been terrible.

I became fluey on Sunday with an elevated temp. Since Monday I have been pretty much in bed.

Temps have been 39,38C on average. I started to be sick yesterday.

Today is a little better but I still have a low appetite.

I have worked out whole milk is great for me and eating raw carrots plus some melon.

I can see this is going to be a slow recovery.

I have a nice full chest infection as well.

Does anyone know if this could tip over into pneumonia? Would anti biotics be needed?

Not sure if I should be looking to book to see the gp.

Anyone else had this flu because I have never been so ill?

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One reason the flu vaccine has been pushed so much is that this flu takes 6-8 weeks to fully recover many people off work 3-4 weeks. Yes you can get a secondary chest infection, warning signs, green or yellow phlegm, chest tightness and or wheeze in the absence of asthma or copd. If your temperature remains down for 24 hours but you then get worsening chest symptoms and a new rise in temp then definitely a trip to the docs and antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.

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6 weeks ? Wow.

Thanks for the info



So sorry you got hit by the flu . This year has been very tough winter with the flu . My husband and I have been battling it to . We did it naturally . Vitamin "C" Zinc lozenge for natural anti biotic we took oil of Oregano a few drops a day . We managed to knock it out by one week . Drink plenty fluids and resting . I also found that rinsing our mouth a few times a day with Antiseptic Mouth rinse made a lot of sense to get rid of bacteria that collects in our mouth from coughing too .

Wishing you speedy recovery .


Seriously? People actually take that long to recover? Iv`e had flu 3 or 4 times in my life and was fully recovered in a week!

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Not a trip to doctors ,get one to visit .Do not want to infect others .Half the folk in hospital have Jap flu for which some GPs did not pay the extra £3 to include in the faccine,

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Surely a temp of 39/40 c not controlled by regular paracetamol is a sure sign there is focus of infection somewhere...blood tests for markers and chest exam chest X-ray......Have none of these things been done🧐 Get yourself pronto to Hospital. With pulmonary specialists.NOW


39 max but used pAracetamol to bring down. Been more normal yesterday at 37.5


So sorry you have the dreaded 'flu ~ I haven't had it , although I have just recovered from a really bad abscess on my throat, which I have had before and usually have to resort to antibiotics for. This time, however, I was able to recover by sucking Vit C and zinc lozenges ~ I really recommend them! I also have optimal Vit D levels, which I think also helped. Although you feel the milk is helping (I love dairy too), I would try and go for fruit juices if you can until the phlegm has subsided, as in my experience, it increases it.

I hope you will soon be well ~ rest well Mamapea x

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I don't want to alarm you but I do think you should go to the GP just in case as this flu can lead to pneumonia. Very sadly my ex-husband (who I am still on friendly terms with) lost his (second) wife in September (they lived in Australia) due to this.

My mother and my son just had this flu and it took them both about 10 days to get better. I insisted that they both went to the doctor due to the above and the doctor checked out their vital signs and said that the were ok and sent them both home to get better naturally.

This flu is really nasty so poor you going through it. I do think for your peace of mind you could just see the doctor to make sure that it isn't turning into pneumonia.


Yes I think it might be an idea. Will try calling


If you think it is influenza, you should get a swab taken so you can be sure. You will also be infectious while you have symptoms so should not go to surgery and infect everyone else (of course it next to impossible to get a home visit these days so you may have no other option). Many chest infections can turn into pneumonia but most are easily cured with antibiotics (been there).

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Well its been 4 weeks last sunday since i became ill.

Was in bed for the first week on and off. Really ill + sick one day.

I have been deaf for nearly 3 weeks after the severe illness as the think moved into my head.

Finally started to feel much better this week as my ears popped last weekend, but i now have a chesty cough and a cold again. I have been working all this time apart from the first week fully off. I work outside so this is good for me.

Decided to do 2 sunbeams per week as i think i need some light stimulation. So 12mins exposure in all per week. I have also bought an infra red lamp to use on my body. hoping this helps.


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