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Update Kefir Diary: VERY IMPORTANT test result, Consultant baffled! Kefir does it again!! Astounding!

I am only 8 weeks in to my kefir regimen, and I shared it with a good friend who has been taking it now for just over 3.

Not only did her blood tests show after only taking kefir for two weeks a CAR drop, the first drop in over 18 months.... But now, she has just seen her lung Consultant today. Her tests came back showing improvement. He was so surprised he requested the nurse to repeat the tests as he thought they could be a mistake. The tests were repeated and he could not believe it again. The first improvement in 3 years.

As a results her meds are being cut down only to be phased out.

When my friend explained the lifestyle changes she had consciously implemented, including taking live kefir...she said, quote "He looked at me as if I was bonkers" and said he had "never heard of Kefir", stopping short of telling her it was all nonsense and that essentially her improvement was all down to the medication he was prescribing!!!

The ignorance and indisputable arrogance is astounding. But then I expected this sort of reaction.... It is sadly a very blinkered, negative approach to Medicine which does nothing but good us all back.

Therefore, in conclusion, we must TAKE CONTROL FOR OURSELVES.

It is never too late to do something to improve our health issues.

I am totally new to this. I am learning all the time. Listening and reading up, I can see everything that is coming out with regard to gut biome issues is totally logical - not wanting to sound like Dr Spock..aka Leonard Nimoy!!

This is the new frontier.

This is the future.

And we can take charge for ourselves, to improve our gut biome and to improve our immune health which in turn will logically help towards everything else, as our natural Immune Systems we come equipped with is a fantastic weapon in our fight to live healthy lives.

I am so excited, for myself, for my friend, as and for all of us.

We can make a Big difference.

Poppy the 🐈

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Oh dear...silly corrective spelling...not CAR...BUT CRP!!!!!!



Why is your friend so certain that kefir is the reason for the improvement and not the drugs she has been taking for her condition?


Because she has taken the same drugs the whole time with no positive response. The only thing she has done which is different in all that time is start taking probiotic live kefir. Clearly her response the the Probiotics is already reducing her levels of inflammation. Dare I say it, instead of treating only the symptoms, by treating the gut and improving the gut biome instead, with the positive result of reduced inflammation, her autoimmune condition is lessening.

Probiotics are NOT a substitute for medication and I am not saying that.

Probiotics are one of the tools to treat the problem... The problem which causes the inflammation via the gut biome. Medication alone just seems to suppress but does not resolve the issues.

As the Brilliant Drs on the Broken Brain series are advocating, we need to address to gut biome to tackle inflammation rather than simply suppress symptoms.

I think we all need to reassess what we can do for ourselves by addressing our own gut biome issues as our wonderful Dr Mosley constantly advocates.

We are both extremely excited by our steady improvements and are hopeful for how much better we will be able to manage our illnesses, with better health and reduced medication.



How much kefir would your friend drink Poppy the cat?


We drink about a G&T sized glass half hour before breakfast.

Same again mid afternoon...

And same again at around 6pm before supper.

Poppy the 🐈

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Thank you! Waiting for mine to arrive πŸ˜€


Hi, please forgive me, I have had a big response... Did you PM with your email so I can send you instructions and you can write me your postal address. If you have pls do so again as it will help me. Thanks



Oh sorry Poppy the cat I didn’t mean I was waiting for you to send them πŸ˜€I ordered them from amazon after your very inspiring posts. Thanks for sharing your journey πŸ™


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