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BROKEN BRAIN - episode 6 Traumatic Brain Injury

About This Episode

When suffering from a traumatic brain injury, conventional medicine often fails to provide the right support that we need to recover. Functional Medicine takes a different approach. Learn about this approach in episode six where we feature the miraculous story of recovery from a broken brain.

Even though most of us here have not suffered this, some of the therapies may still be useful but I've not watched it yet. brokenbrain.com/06b-trauma/

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This series is up there with the very best of the best. An incredible eye opener!


Hey Baobabs, Yes, it is really enjoyable to listen to these even though this one may not be as pertinent. I have been looking into something called pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy PEMF has been used for decades even though I have never heard of it. These electric impulses can be very healing. Well, in this series they mention this as something they use on the brain but are calling it TMf. I believe it heals at the cellular level. I hope people can have access to some of these therapies now that we are finding out about them.


Hope is never a negative wish!


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