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Starting T3 - Advice Appreciated!


I'm new on here and hoping there are some more experienced people who can help me with some advice on T3. I have finally been prescribed T3 privately but am struggling to find a reputable, cheapish supplier to obtain it from - many US sites appear to be aimed at weight loss/athletes (and sold alongside steroids!). Please can you let me know any suppliers you can recommend and any other advice that might be useful for someone starting T3 treatment. I'm also hoping to travel abroad soon, are there any limitations to travelling with these drugs (might just be being overcautious after seeing it being sold alongside the steroids!).

HISTORY: Diagnosed Hashimoto's in 2001/2002 following glandular fever, suffered chronic fatigue syndrome afterwards, T4 treatment gradually raised to 200mcg daily. Never felt 100% and after settling in one area I investigated further and was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency in 2011. Improved but still not 100%, GPs began reading my bloods incorrectly and gradually lowered my T4 to 150mcg daily, by 2015 I was just high on TSH and high T4 in my bloods. This progressed to this year where I was 19 TSH and normal T4 blood levels. Referred to endocrinologist who raised T4 treatment back to 200mcg daily but T4 blood results showed high again with marginal drop to TSH, T3 was borderline low. I've never suffered from overactive symptoms and endocrinologist has finally agreed that I may have T4 resistance, hence beginning T3.

Currently on 175mcg T4 daily, Vit D levels are normal, Coeliac/Rheumatoid Arthritis negative on bloods, Cortisol/short synacthen test normal.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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Welcome to the forum, LJG84.

Is the prescription for 20mcg Liothyronine or 25mcg Liothyronine?


Great thanks for help!

She has only prescribed 5mcg Liothyronine to begin with twice daily, 8am & 1pm...



High street pharmacies can order the T3 for you but 5mcg tablets have to be imported from the USA. Shop around, including via the online pharmacies in the link below because prices for private prescriptions can vary. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

Ask your endo to write you a prescription for 100 x 20mcg tablets next time and you can quarter the tablets with a pillcutter. 100 x 20mcg Thybon costs €35 via versandapo.de/en/0/7498960/... which is considerably cheaper than the £258+ you will be charged for 28 x 20mcg Liothyronine in the UK.


Contact Endo and ask them to amend prescription to 100 x 20mcg Liothyronine

Then you can order from Germany as detailed by Clutter

They are easy to cut into 1/4's


Great thanks for helping with this, I'll try and get an updated prescription from the Endo and order online.


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