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Need a bit of advice on results

Hi everyone, first time poster here! I have been on Eltroxin for 9 months just need a bit of advice re. My results.

In may we finally got my levels to a reasonable range after them being all over the place the previous 6mths and a few medication increases ( tsh4.4, t4-17,t3-4.5 in April, meds were 100mcg mon-fri 150mcg sat & sun)

May on 150mcg mon-fri and 200mcg sat&sun

Tsh-0.82 (0.30-4.00)

T4-22 (10-20)

T3-4.9 (3.0-6.5)

July - (same meds as May)




The results this week have gone funny again!




My doctor said to up my meds a bit (but didn't say how much?!) so I'm thinking I'll try 200mcg per day...

I have hashis, Anti tpo was 180 when first tested in November 16. I have been gluten free for nearly 4 months. We had our second miscarriage in Oct last year so I'm trying to get my levels stable so we can try again but it seems this is going to be very hard and I'm a little lost reading all different things on the internet!

Are these results showing a t4-t3 conversion problem? My gp won't test for iron,b12,vitamin d etc... So I don't have any info on those :( Any advice?

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You just need an increase in dose. I think, as you say, 200mcg each day will bring TSH down and raise T3/T4.

You don't have a conversion problem. It is vital to have your vitamins/minerals tested unless, if in UK, you had them earlier in the year.

We have recommended labs. It is very important that these are optimum. If deficient in any it can also give us symptoms. Blue Horizon and Medichecks do home pin-prick tests.



Thanks for the reply :) My gp thinks I don't need them tested, she said it's very hard to get the funded testing and that I could just take a prenatal to "help" if I feel I need it! Same gp also thought my Tsh was totally fine at 3 and I didn't need further tests (I had to go see a fertility specialist who did lots of tests and included thyroid antibodies with t4&t3) I'm in New Zealand I think I'll check about paying for private tests!


Doctors are so poorly trained that they don't realise the 'ranges' are only for diagnostics and once diagnosed the TSH should be 1 or lower (not the higher end of the range). These two links may be helpful:




It is essential, initially, to have vits/minerals tested because they can prevent us improving if low because you wont be able to distinguish what is giving you symptoms. :)

It is a big learning curve, as if we are going to take a Degree in Endorinology :)

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Thanks so much for the info :)


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