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Blue Horizon complete thyroid test-does anyone recommend?

Hello again. Bit desperate to get answers quickly, as getting worse daily. I am considering the comprehensive thyroid testing package with Blue Horizons. A lot of money, so has anyone done it? Was it worth it? Just know my GP will refuse to do this comprehensive testing so wanted something up my sleeve!

Any feedback or alternatives would be much appreciated. Unfortunately I am too much of a wimp to do the postal testing, would faint if I tried to take my own blood!

Your thoughts please x

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Which test are you looking at? I think Thyroid 11 is the best really, just my opinion. 🙂


Thanks, I value your opinion. I was looking at Thyroid test 6, an in depth thyroid investigation, mainly because it seems the most comprehensive. Cannot see no. 11, nothing higher than number 6? Am I on the right site? x



Best value as it includes vitamins and minerals as well which are important, they need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work.

Medichecks do the same test which is frequently on offer on Thursdays (it is today!) medichecks.com/thyroid-func...

You can arrange venous blood draw if you don't want to do the fingerprick test.

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Thanks, that is a big help 🙂 x



Used Medicheck myself recently...excellent I must say.


Good to know, did you self test? Just don't think I could do that! Do you know if you can take the results to your doctor and get them registered in your NHS medical file? I know they can be a bit funny sometimes about outside sources...

Thanks x


Blue Horizon and Medichecks are both accredited labs so work to same standards as NHS. I think they do tests for private hospitals too. I have used both companies. I would go for the 11 test for Tsh, T4, T3, antibodies, iron, ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and Vit D and CRP (Inflammation marker) then you know exactly what you are up against. In my case suppressed TSH (gets GP in a tizz) low in range T4 and T3 and if I haven't supplemented low B12 and Vit D!!


Great info. Thank you! So good to get first hand experience, though I am sorry to hear you have your own challenges. Hope you have things on an even keel now?

So, just to be clear, say I get the Thyroid test 11, then I hand it to my GP, does he prescribe medication if my numbers are out!

Would be just like him to reject it as a load of rubbish! 😢



Blue Horizons and Medichecks are private blood test providers who use accredited labs which include many of the same labs as the NHS. I've done tests with both in the past and have been able to see the names of some of the labs they use which have included an NHS hospital lab.

If you do thyroid plus 11 or similar then it would be better for you to pay extra to have a venous blood draw to ensure there is sufficient blood to do all the tests. If you are in London or any other city/large town in the UK then this shouldn't be hard to arrange even though it may involve a journey.

Some GPs will accept private test results, particularly if like mine a medical practitioner in the practice has told you (like others in the area) it is up to you to monitor your vitamin D levels, while on the other hand other GPs refuse to. Those that refuse to may choose to repeat out of range tests themselves even though it could end up being tested in exactly the same lab!

However even if you give the GP the private test results they still will not understand what they mean or the significance. GPs are only taught to look at out of range results and even then some will ignore some e.g. folate if it suits them or thyroid antibodies if they don't know what it means. Also it is morally and legally up to you whether you share them or not. I only share results where I want things done or left alone, and know the GP can do this. Most of the time you are better off getting advice from here, and regardless it's always worth coming here first so you know what you should push for and if the NHS can do it.


Thanks so much for this, feel much more informed now to face off with the doctor. Am going this morning as have pain in my ribs now and affecting breathing. Swollen neck, shooting pain everywhere, feel so rubbish, hope they listen. I am in Brighton, Have an Endo in Haywards Heath but takes 8 months to see him between appointments on NHS! Think will have to bite the bullet and go private but you never know GP may surprise me today and be all happening with testing!?

Will let you know how I go, bfn x


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