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Boots can't get Morningside Liothyronine for me

Does anyone know about a shortage of this? Not surprising if they have reduced production given uncertainties about demand but this is a pain as I am better on it than on the Teva Lio. Have got 8 days supply so I can confirm or not whether it was the Teva causing more frequent urination(is my blood sugar affected?)

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Ooh please don't say that Boots have a shortage of Morningside!

I have just refused to contine with Teva T3 and have a new prescription for Morningside which is due tom.

I will report back if they can't get it!



Boots now have a deal with Teva so wont supply Morningside unless your GP states Morningside on the script. They have to pay an extra £100 to order Morningside and cant claim it back from NHS if it isnt written on the script.


Is that an extra £100 per script? Think it will still be cheaper as I only need 60mcg of Morningside v 70mcg of Teva or Concordia. I will conduct my experiment a few more days( but feeling good on the Mside on the 2nd day of it) and then ask GP to do this.


yes per script but if GP states Morningside on script they can claim it back!


Forgot to say, Shelley, thank you very much for info.

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Boots are difficult about getting anything that doesn't suit them they wouldn't get me Morningside either

Try big Tesco, I find them very helpful



Boots probably have an agreement with Teva. Ask for your prescription back and take it elsewhere. Small high street pharmacies can usually order your preference.


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