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Teva levothyroxine includes mannitol


I have received some information that the Teva brand of levothyroxine now includes mannitol in the ingredient list. We have received some reports that people are not very well on Teva and so I am interested to see how many people have been given this brand; whether their PIL states that it includes mannitol; whether they have noticed any adverse side effects and whether they have completed an MHRA yellow form if they have.

You may remember that France had a huge problem when lactose was replaced with mannitol in the Merck levothyroxine and many patients were very ill. I want to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen in the UK. The French government intervened and it was changed.

I have been told that the MHRA are having a meeting about the Teva product so will be contacting them.

This is the information from 2016 on the MHRA website:

This is the PIL from their website:

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Hi Lyn

I’ve been on TEVA since 2016. I do remember the box stating new formulation at one stage but that’s gone now. I’ve had no issues and my whole dose is now Teva. Used to be mixed.

PIL says mannitol but no idea what it said 2.5 yes ago.

My endo has specified lactose free trial for me as I’m not converting well. So will carry on with Teva till April when I see her to discuss t3.

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It seems that some people can tolerate Mannitol and some people can't. I think patients should be asked if they are intolerant of lactose or mannitol before they are given any brand of levo.

"I have received some information that the Teva brand of levothyroxine now includes mannitol in the ingredient list."

That reads as if it has been kept a secret by Teva, and passed to you surreptitiously, when in fact it has been public knowledge since its reformulation and re-authorisation in 2016, as the contemporaneous documents linked, evidences. People that interest themselves in such things are aware it contains mannitol, and indeed the fact was mentioned here by someone in a very recent post. Additionally it was discussed specifically in a post by Helvella a month ago.

If the MHRA is meeting with Teva, presumably it has come about by yellow card or other complaints about the Teva Levo product, more evidence that it is not unfamiliar with some patients' dissatisfaction with it. What we don't need is more conspiracy stuff doing the rounds.

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I had someone come to me who wanted us to do something about this and I've had quite a few people come to me lately with problems with the Teva brand and I've been meaning to write something for a little while.

I didn't mean to make it seem that it is a secret by Teva at all and I'm sorry if it sounded like that. When someone has come to us about this I have been telling them to yellow card it. Considering the number of responses on our Facebook page, many, many people were not aware.

i was on it when it 1st came out it took me months to realise it was Teva, i had loads go wrong, i did yellow card it maybe didn't give all the symptoms it caused, but i was very unwell on it, i won't accept it anymore, they keep trying to put it in my meds but i give it straight back,,not sure what oil said as not had it for months ,

i won't take the TEVA T3 either as seen loads are ill and say much weaker than the others..and to be honest dont trust them anymore

i see people are also having problems with certain batches of mercury pharma as well

Hi Lyn, I was really unwell on Teva last year, so I reported a yellow card for it. It made me feel like I was much more hypo again with aches and pains and increased fatigue. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the packaging, and my pharmacy now has a note not to give me this brand. I wrote a post on here about it at the time and quite a few others said the same.

Hello, was recently given Teva 25mcg (part of my 75mcg and another brand change!) and kept urinating for three days. Stopped it, reported it to doc and will do a yellow card.

Always beats me why they bother to sweeten something you just swallow with water. I can understand the excipients like magnesium stearate for free flow in the machines, but sweeteners?

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I don't think that it is there to sweeten it. Any sweetening effect seems simply to be a side effect in, for example, levothyroxine tablets.


I was put on teva when first diagnosed last year. I had no problems with it at all. Last month they gave me almus, and I have felt awful all month. Yesterday collected my script find teva in the bag.i have noted it shows mannitol as an ingredient. But I am hoping it will make me feel better again to be honest.


From postings here, it appears that more people dislike Teva than like it. But some of those who do like it find it the only one they can tolerate.

From where we are, I certainly don't want to see it reformulated or withdrawn, but I do want every single one of us to have the choice over whether to have it or not.

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I think patients should be told that medicines have lactose or mannitol in them before they are handed out so that patients have a choice. There must be a lot of wastage from patients taking back drugs that they can't tolerate.


There have been hundreds of posts about Teva

Mainly Levothyroxine, a few about Teva T3 as well

It's a Marmite brand in that many hate it ......but for a few it's wonderful

I normally take the teva brand and I am fine on it but my pharmacist has told me that a message has been sent out to them to say that teva will no longer be producing levo? My pharmacist has given me mercury levo which I cant take as last time I had that brand it gave me chronic joint pain and brain fog which disappeared after about 3/4 days of stopping taking it. Have had no issues since on teva and have always had the same does of 50mcg and my levels have been fine. Are there any other brands available other than mercury? Thanks!

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There are some other brands -

I have been having a daily migraine with Teva which goes away when I stop taking it. Have just done a yellow card and am seeing my go tomorrow to see if I can swap makes.

Thanks so much for this information. I have previously been told by my pharmacist that I had to choose between daily migraines or an early death as there was only one brand of Levothyroxine so this information is so valuable thanks.

I normally have Northstar, but was given TEVA, which I started whilst on holiday. Within three days I started to feel unwell. I have been taking 100mcg for 12 days now. Ive had daily headaches, stiffness and pain, itching that keeps me awake at night, tiredness, stomach pain, constipation, and a dreadful feeling of 'can't be bothered with life'. I have been in contact with my gp surgery today, they are issuing a prescription for Northstar, and making a note of my preference. Didn't occur to me immediately that it was the Teva Levothyroxine.

Hi Lyn - I don’t know whether you could help me plz but I’ve been given the levothyroxine Teva brand for quite some time now & I don’t know whether it has anything to do with me being so unwell but for the last four months I’ve had daily chronic/burning neuralgia headache - jaw & neck pain & balance issues & tinnitus. I’ve recently had to see a neurologist I’m that bad ! The neurologist has just said I have cluster headaches but it doesn’t account for all the other symptoms ! Are you able plz to let me know what symptoms these people were getting on this brand plz - any help would be great & Thanku v much for your time -

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We have been informed by a lot of patients that they are very unwell on TEVA. The only way you will know for sure is to try a different brand. You can ask your pharmacy for a different brand. If they won't give you this, try other pharmacies or contact one of the pharmacies on our list -

Be aware some of them only dispense private prescriptions but I'm sure some of the others will be able to help you.

I take Teva, not had any problems with it!

My medication brand was changed to TEVA and it made me ill. Headaches behind the eyes and at the back of the head, edma, palpitations, chest pain, inability to sleep. I just filled out a yellow card on it.My GP said he couldn't change the brand due to Covid-19 and possible sourcing problems. I use the app Echo and when I told them what I was suffering from they made sure to send out my old brand Northstar.

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Northstar 25 microgram tablets are Teva.

Northstar 50 and 100 microgram tablets are Accord (formerly Actavis).

So just being branded Northstar is insufficient to be sure that you do not get Teva.

UK Levothyroxine Tablets


Last updated 28/04/2020.

This is a list of currently marketed levothyroxine tablets in the UK.

Please note that re-branding (whether by a manufacturer or as an ‘own label supplier’ - which has happened with several products) does not mean any change to formulation.


🔹 Accord – formerly Actavis (manufacturer) – 🥛 contains lactose

  50  PL 0142/0104

  100  PL 0142/0105


🔹 Advanz – branded both “Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine” and “Mercury Pharma Eltroxin” which are identical (manufacturer) – 🥛 contains lactose

  25  PL 12762/0016

  50  PL 10972/0031

  100  PL 10972/0032


🔸 Almus – (an ‘own label supplier’ brand owned by Walgreen Boots Alliance – Boots pharmacies and Alliance distributor)

  50 – This is repackaged Accord – formerly Actavis.

  100 – This is repackaged Accord – formerly Actavis.


🔹 Aristo – (manufacturer)

  100  PL 40546-0159


🔸 Northstar – (an ‘own label supplier’ brand owned by McKesson – Lloyds pharmacies and AAH distributor)

  25 – This is repackaged Teva. ❗

  50 – This is repackaged Accord – formerly Actavis. ❗

  100 – This is repackaged Accord – formerly Actavis. ❗


🔹 Teva – (manufacturer)

  12.5  PL 00289/1971

  25  PL 00289/1972

  50  PL 00289/0038

  75  PL 00289/1973

  100  PL 00289/0039


🔹 Wockhardt – (manufacturer) – 🥛 contains lactose

  25  PL 29831/0130


🔹 – identifies manufacturers.

🔸 – identifies ‘own label supplier’ products.

– Take particular note of the actual product which varies by dosage.


Numbers refer to tablet dosages in micrograms.

Only products which definitely contain lactose are identified (🥛 contains lactose). Please check other products. Where products are ‘own label supplier’, check the manufacturer.

If there is anything inaccurate in this information, please let me know by Private Message:


This document is updated whenever I am aware of any changes or enhancements are needed. Please check the Last updated date. The current version is available as a PDF here:

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