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New lab results

Hi, havent written on here in a while but was wondering if someone could help me by explaining maybe whats going on?

I have new lab results.

Also back story, last month found out I have hashimotos due to my TGAB being over 900.

Ihave changed my diet to AIP so this could he possibly be influencing my results.

TSH: 0.62 ref: 0.27-4.20

Ft3: 2.7 ref: 2.2-4.0

Ft4: 1.25 ref: .”0.93-1.70

The rest are CBC. Since there are so many i will only post low or high results.

My doctor checks these because I have been severly Iron anemic for a long time.

WBC: 4.5 ref: 4.5-11.0

RDW: 14 ref: 11-14

PLT: 132 ref: 150-450

MPV: 13.3 ref: 7.5-11.5

Ly%: 42.0 ref: 15.0-43.0

Eo#: 0.0 ref: 0.0-0.4

Ba#: 0.0 ref: 0.0-0.1

Any help appreciated thanks!

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TSH is low-normal but FT4 and FT3 are low in range so there is scope to increase dose if you are still symptomatic.

Low platelets are explained in

High mpv is explained in

The other results are within range (normal).

If haemoglobin, MCH and ferritin are within range I think iron deficiency anaemia is unlikely.

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Oh ok great thank you Clutter!


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