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Doctor Neglect

After wasting a year and a half with this family doctor, doing everything he said and going along the ride, he couldn’t even bother once spending time on my symptoms. Instead, reduced to a number on a computer screen.

Long story short, on 100mcg my TSH was 0.57, 88mcg 0.66 and 0.54, on 75mcg 0.44, after begging to go back up as he said I was in danger of hyperthyroid, recently on 88mcg 0.88!

I thought he’d use his brain and see that far from going under my TSH went up, I wanted a dose increase to 1000mcg when I felt much better (T4 was 78% in range compared to otherwise lingering in 30-40% of range). Not to mention, it is thyroid science 101 there is an inverse relationship between TSH and T4 but low TSH with low-normal T4 is indicative of possible central Hypothyroidism.

He gave me a refill of 88mcg and told me to never see him again. One and half year later I am left 30 pounds heavier, deteriorating health, and trying to climb back to my previous dose of 125mcg dessicates thyroid (I was manipulated to go off of it due to suppressed TSH despite T4/T3 in lower third of range).

The idiot, when I told him that I had to beg before to raise back to 88mcg from 75mcg and despite TSH going under it actually went up (from 0.44 to 0.88) he said it’s actually the same. So by that logic my TSH on 100mcg was also the same so why not listen to my symptoms, show some empathy and put me back on it?! What pisses me off more is that the labs didn’t run my T4/T3 this time, I usually tell him to write self pay on lab form but he messed it up. I asked him to call the lab to request it as they hold blood sample for few days and he said you only need the TSH. When I asked him to explain to me why I do not have an inverse relation between TSH and T4 on previous labs he played the doctor card akin to whipping out his stick.

Sorry for the rant. Wish me luck to hunt a doctor and go to every walk in near me to find someone willing to rerun labs, raise my dose, and investigate central Hypothyroidism and pituitary function including growth hormone (a 27 year old as weak and physically fragile like a 80 year old man). Did I mention my liver is still messed up despite 6 months sober from booze due to my slow thyroid? I went over the top to improve my health but no empathy at all!

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I'll let other people respond to your actual thyroid levels and meds.

Much of the conversion of thyroid hormones takes place in/via the liver. So, if you improve your liver, you will, hopefully, improve your thyroid. MilkThistle is a gentle liver cleanser. And, I think, radishes, dandelion, etc, too.

Re Vit D, I would suggest following the recommendations of the 48 scientists/medics in this statement:


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What was your TSH when you were diagnosed? Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement of any kind, the TSH becomes obsolete - unless it goes high. It will be low because you are on thyroid hormone replacement, not because of a pituitary problem.

You could, of course, have low HGH, without having a pituitary problem, if your FT3 is low - you don't give us any actual results with ranges - because T3 is necessary for production of HGH. But, on what grounds do you suspect low HGH? Just being fragile could be down to low T3, but do you have receding gums, muscle wastage (that could also be down to low T3), muscles replaced by fat, bat wings, deep wrinkles, sagging jowls, drooping nose, thinning lips? It might be difficult to get a doctor to test for HGH without a good reason, it's an expensive test, and doubtful many doctors know anything about it.



Do you have the link to a medical/scientific PDF re the signs and symptoms of Low T3 such as those you listed?


They weren't signs and symptoms of low T3, they're signs and symptoms of low HGH. And it comes from a book called :

The Hormone Revolution

by Dr Claude Dalle

I don't think you can find it on-line, but I'll have a look later - if I remember! lol


Similar story 🙄

I have still pain in my back near adrenal plus kidney.

They checked urine plus adrenals. Adrenal gland was a bit low but still nothing happend. No refferal to endo. I must change dr


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