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results of TSH T4 help.. for a friend who has not been diagnosed yet are these normal

ahi i am enquiring for another friend , she has not been diagnosed with thyroid problems yet but she has been diagnosed with fibromagelia,, I have told her to try get T3 and antibodies done but her GP saying her results are fine

TSH- 4.51 range ( 0,35- 5.0 )

T4 --14..4 range ( 9. - 20.)

I don't know what someones results should be that is not on meds So any help will be appreciated Thank you

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Her results are in range but it would be worth getting antibodies tested as her TSH is on the high side of in-range. Also retest thyroid in 3 months if antibodies are present as results can fluctuate. If doc will not do she could use online lab at small cost. Thyroid UK website lists reliable labs.

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Nanaedake Thank you :)


They show that the thyroid is struggling - most healthy people have a TSH around 1.2. But not bad enough for NHS to treat.

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