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How to get ndt without a prescription? Prices dramatically increased for armour and naturethroid

Hi all. I haven't been online for a while I guess I have made slow progress with ndt and at times haven't been too well but better than before. I wonder how many people are affected by the massive change in price for armour and naturethroid. This doubled then quadrupled! I'm at a loss my consultant won't give me a prescription ( so what's the point in him ?) Which didn't matter when it was £ 25 a bottle now it's over 100 with customs charges on top.! Can anyone advise. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks kafe

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Some people have had to switch back to Levothyroxine when they've been unable to afford the increase in prices.

Have you tried the Thai NDT Thyroid-S and Thiroyd. They are a lot cheaper than the American and Canadian brands.


Thanks clutter for replying. No I haven't tried those brands. Funny my consultant found the pharmacy for me online so I stuck there and they are in Australia. I can't take levo as my bloods look normal so I don't have a prescription for that. I had graves 15 years ago and was treated but now I'm apparently normal!😂


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