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Very high TSH (newbie)

Hello, I have a very high TSH with I presume hypothyroid symptoms - goitre, constipation, dry skin, joint pain, heavy periods, cold hands and feet, flaky nails, weight gain, loss of sweating, eyelash and eyebrow loss. I take 200mcg levothyroxine diagnosed 2007. Thanks

TSH 90.3 (0.2 - 4.2)

FT4 10.2 (12 - 22)

FT3 2.3 (3.1 - 6.8)

(Taking levothyroxine on an empty stomach leaving 4 hours for food and drink)

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Welcome to the forum, MYNC.

There's no need to leave 4 hours between Levothyroxine and food/drink, one hour before or two hours after is sufficient but it's clear there can be no interaction as you've left so long.

I assume you do take 200mcg daily?

Was TSH normal on previous blood tests?

Have you changed Levothyroxine make or started any other medication?


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