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now slightly over active but feel so much better

I've been on 150mcg levo for just over a year and I'm feeling pretty good (At last!). My concern is my recent routine blood test seem to indicate i'm now slightly overactive TSH is 0.08 and T4 22.4 with upper range limit 22 (no T3 test). I'm not displaying any overactive symptoms that i'm aware of and only other issue is my BP is slightly high.

My question is what's the likelihood that I will be allowed to remain on my current dose? I really don't want to change when i'm feeling so much better but obviously don't want to cause myself anymore health problems. My doctors appointment is not for another month but would like to go in confident with what i'm saying. TIA

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You are so mildly overtreated it may not be a problem. Tell your GP you feel well if s/he says you are overtreated and say you want to remain on 150mcg. If necessary negotiate remaining on 150mcg unless a subsequent blood test shows your TSH is more suppressed and FT4 higher.

Read Treatment Options in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_... Email dionne.fulcher@thyroiduk.org if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

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Maddy if you are feeling good then don't change anything, my TSH is 0.03 and T4 25 (upper range 22) my Gp did want me to reduce but as my T3 is well within range I've stayed on my current dose. It would be wise to just check your T3 level to make sure that isn't over.


Thank you both, at least I know it's ok to be firm if the doc tries to lower dose!


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