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Anyone had within range but slightly wonky results & been treated & now feeling better??

My results are within range, but slightly off optimal, but I'm feeling awful since having my last baby. All symptoms point to hypo, but bloods don't. These are the latest results (TSH was 4.6 last time) -

(0.27-4.20)TSH - 3.63

(3.1-6.8) FT3 - 4.32

(12-22) FT4 - 16.49

(64.5-142) Total T4 - 90.9

I'm wondering if anyone else has had similarly 'in range' results, but gone on to see someone who will trial thyroid meds & then felt better??

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Your TSH is way too high but not high enough for many NHS idiots

your free T4 and free T3 are low

all indicates Hypothyroid is on its way symptoms preceed tests by years abd preganancy is a prime trigger for thyroid problems

If your GP wont test Thyroid Antibodies and treat you will have to order Natural thyroid-s online and treat yourself


Thanks x

I've checked antibodies & they were ok. I've booked to see Dr Peatfield this weekend. Just getting a bit paranoid that I'm clinging to this as a reason for my symptoms when it actually isn't the cause. Bit scared of self medicating, but will if he advises.

Just wondering if I'm the only one on here with hypo symptoms & considering self tx, but who is 'in range'


I've posted this below but realise you've not had time to read it. The ranges the NHS use are hopeless because the ignore clinical symptoms.

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Doctors would have trialled you previously(before the blood tests were introduced along with levo) but now they stick to the TSH and ignore clinical symptoms.

Many women like you, after a baby, they're thyroid gland goes wonky. Even if you hadn't had a baby many countries would prescribe if the TSH was around 3. Ask your GP to test your antibodies as you could have hashimoto's (an autoimmune thyroid disease.

Just for info:-

This will surprise you:

Tick off your symptoms and go back to your GP and ask if he would give you a trial. A starting dose would be 50mcg with increments of 25mcg around every 6 weeks until your TSH is around 1 or below or you feel much better.

Did you have your blood tests at the earliest and fast before? Probably not I think as many people aren't aware that the TSH is highest early a.m. with fasting.

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I was like this for years and eventually got to tsh8.5 and they were still reluctant to treat me,even though I felt dreadful. I made an appointment to see an endo and he put me of 50mg and now I feel much better. Good luck.

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Oh, and my endo actually said we need to take symptoms into consideration!


Hi. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but thought it was the wrong diagnosis. Got to the point where I could barely get out of bed was about to quit job and sell house. Went to doctor with partner and asked for a trial of thyroxine (I'd previously sent my doctor print offs of research I'd done into hypothyroidism being misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia). My blood test was within range thou T4 was low. Within 2 weeks of taking levothyroxine my symptoms started to disappear. 4 months on and I'm myself again. Please don't give up. Best wishes x


Thanks guys.

That gives me hope lainey03! You must have had a pretty forward thinking GP. Mine said TSH 4.6 was fine & refused to do any further thyroid testing. She asked the top endo at our local hospital & he said that was 'in reasonable range'

Bloods were done privately in the morning but not fasting & by finger pick


Just got a copy of my old bloods after requesting them to take to Dr Peatfield this weekend. These were from a few months ago -

TSH -4.68

Free thyroxine - 14.4

Free T3 - 3.9

Annoying that they never even reported them to me & just said they were perfectly fine. They were even worse than my recent ones weren't they? Grrrr


Same story as me, so annoying why we have to suffer just because of numbers,gggrrrrrr


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