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Nothing to do with Thyroid Gland but about 'Broken Brains'

I have been circulated with the following from Dr Osborne, Functional Medicine and it is self-explanatory. I believe the host is Dr Mark Hyman:-

The Broken Brain Your Host, Dr. Hyman Dr. Hyman Beginning On January 17, 2018

A Practicing Physician And 10x NY Times Bestselling Author

Reveals How We've Arrived At An Epidemic Of "Broken Brains"

... And The Surprising Solutions That Can Help You Heal


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I just signed up to watch it, but was unable to watch the trailer. Hopefully there wont be a problem on the 17th. Ive switched to a slower speed of internet to save money.

Thanks for posting

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One of the speakers is Dr Dale Bredesen who has developed a protocol to prevent & reverse cognitive decline of alzheimers. Many of the areas he addresses are those that affect us thyroidies, e.g. Thyroid, B12, Vitamin D, etc, etc...

Dr Rangan Chattergee has endorsed his work and I believe he is using the protocol on patients here. The optimum thyroid levels Dr Bredesen recommends are in line with those that TUK & ITT are campaigning for so this docu-series may be relevant to us all ☺


Thank you, that's very interesting information.


Thank you I am logged in to watch it.


I have already watched the Awakening from Alzheimers by Peggy Sarlin and now have the book.

To help myself I am taking Lion's Mane, Green Tea, Korean Ginseng and Rhodiola organic of course also MCT oil.

If I live long enough, only time will tell.


NB 6pm Eastern Time in the US is 11pm GMT. I've signed up too.


Thank you, Shaws, but one correction. Thyroid hormone is important in several areas of the brain and the gut connection with Hashimoto's affects brain neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which are so important to the brain. I think every autoimmune condition affects our brain in some way. Perhaps you don't have Hashimoto's and so you may have escaped some of these hazards.

Thank you, this has turned out to be a wonderful enlightening series so far.

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